Car Bomb conquer & destroy with insane new song, ‘Dissect Yourself’

Car Bomb; dissecting extreme metal one riff at a time. 

It’s been three years since Car Bomb’s technically explosive, extreme third LP, ‘Meta‘, melted minds and ears of fans the world over. Car Bomb tend to go a their own pace, and thus, every new release feels like an event of some kind. Which is precisely the feeling behind their disorientating new single, ‘Dissect Yourself‘, the first hectic taste of their new album, currently planned for a fall 2019 release. Alongside new records from Loathe and Chon, this is one of my more anticipated 2019 releases.

Dissect Yourself‘ is as ludicrously heavy and as destructive as many would come to expect from the New York four-piece. But that’s no bad thing. With churning, rumbling low-end that’d easily crush speakers, super-low tunings, blistering vocals that pull your entrails right out, and with the kind of rhythmic extremity that’d make Meshuggah blush with envy, it’s intensive stuff. This is Car Bomb once again pushing themselves to the max; pushing their music to it’s experimental and natural breaking point with all manner of gnarly sounds. ‘Dissect Yourself‘ is a violently cerebral assault on the senses; a whirlwind of time-chopping, pitch-shifting madness.

With plenty of wack harmonics and pew-pew Whammy pedal sweeps evoking the sound of TIE fighters, and accompanying visuals looking like a trippy “how it feels to chew 5 Gum” ad, this is a Matrix-breaking math-metal ride. Dissect your mind within:

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