Knocked Loose announce new record, ‘A Different Shade of Blue’

Knocked Loose’s new LP, ‘A Different Shade of Blue’, is coming August 23rd. [PC: Tim Caymen.]

A follow-up to 2016’s debut album, ‘Laugh Tracks‘, has been a long-time coming now for Knocked Loose. That first record has done so much for the Kentucky heavy outfit over the last three years, taking them around the world. Now, the time for just such a new record is here, with this week’s announcement of their second LP, ‘A Different Shade Of Blue‘.

New single ‘…And Still I Wander South‘ is another riffy and personal deep-dive into depression and loss. It takes you further down a rabbit hole of impermanence and dead friends; into a deep and isolating hell that ‘Mistakes Like Fractures‘ also referred to. (A song which will also feature on this upcoming second full-length, by the way.)

Judging the lyricism from …And Still I Wander South‘, this is all looking to be one seriously individualised and revealing new record for the band, vocalist Bryan Garris especially. ‘A Different Shade Of Blue‘ sounds like it will be the hardcore equivalent of a melancholic blues album that uses the word ‘Blue’ in it’s title to detail the bleak emotional mindset it’s been crafted around.

Musically, it already sounds like a darker, heavier, and thrashier take on what the American band have done before; just beefing everything up and trying to take it all to the next level. Which will no doubt all nicely align with the darker lyrical content as well. Expect this album to enter most metalcore/hardcore kids’ AOTY rankings for 2019.

A Different Shade Of Blue‘ is set to drop August 23rd via Pure Noise Records. While perhaps a little short, check out ‘…And Still I Wander South‘ below and break stuff to those tough-as-nails breakdowns and riffs.

‘A Different Shade Of Blue’ track-listing:

01. Belleville
02. Trapped In The Grasp Of A Memory
03. A Serpent’s Touch (Ft. Emma Boster)
04. By The Grave
05. In The Walls
06. Guided By The Moon
07. Mistakes Like Fractures
08. Forget Your Name (Ft. Keith Buckley)
09. Road 23
10. …And Still I Wander South
11. Denied By Fate
12. Misguided Son

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