Coast take you on a progressive-jazz journey with ‘Of The River’

‘Of The River’ sees instrumental progressive-jazz crew, Coast, create a beautiful new composition.

Coast are quickly becoming one of best progressive-jazz groups in Australia lately. Their new album, ‘Skim‘, which arrives May 31st, is looking to be a wonderful new follow-up to their solid 2018 self-titled record. Taking inspiration from various mixtapes pieced together by Minimal Miggy, Godtet, Mecca 83, among other artists, Coast now seem to be guiding their brand of jazz into a new intersection of sorts; seeing their spacious and heavily textured songs beautifully interact through contrasting and ever-developing sections. One can notably see this occurring with their gorgeous new song, ‘Of The River‘.

What’s so great about this recent Coast composition is that it’s still jazzy, still instrumental, and still progressive, yet it adheres to a lighter, more atmospheric methodology. Thus allowing for rather haunting yet dreamy and calming passages to truly envelope you. It’s a real journey, and I love how it all comes together. In a word, soothing.

It’s just such a relaxing four and a half minute ride. ‘Of The River‘ is some of the best kind of background music around, and I mean that in the best way possible. Peter Koopman’s low and moody guitar motifs weave themselves into the larger piece subtly; Shannon Stitt’s keys all land like soft but moving rain droplets; Michael Avgenicos’s well-voiced saxophone lines hum low like a car engine before eventually roaring like melodic rockets; and the drumming from percussionist/composer Paul Derricott‘s plays for each section perfectly: dynamic when needed, mathy when called for, and bombastic when required.

Coast drift you down a lush sonic water-way with ‘Of The River‘, once again matching up with their oceanic influences of Sydney’s coastline. If you dig what you hear, head on over to their previous single, ‘The Speckle‘.

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