Caged Existence tear it up with ‘Liar’s Tongue’

Caged Existence raise a big middle-finger to liars & cheats with ‘Liar’s Tongue’. [PC: Thomas Elliott.]

Caged Existence have been racking up a couple of milestones in their barely two-year lifespan together. From numerous shows and national round-trips, to releasing their debut EP last May, ‘The Body Prison‘ (and it’s two-track spin-off of ‘Cantos‘ in November), to even heading over to Europe this week with the likes of Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, and Cruel Hand. The up-and-coming Aussie metallic hardcore act are doing a lot, and doing so very quickly, and there aren’t any signs of them slowing down. Especially not with their next EP already barrelling down the pipeline.

Liar’s Tongue‘ is but one of three songs the Melbourne outfit will be dropping in June as part of their new release, ‘The Burden Of Purpose‘ EP. Coming to the hardcore party armed with ominous tones, savage pinch harmonics, a short-lived yet mental breakdown come the end, and some truly feral screams from vocalist Steffanie Adele, Caged Existence sound severely ticked-off in ‘Liar’s Tongue‘. It’s one seriously angry and pointed track, declaring to whoever it was who betrayed the band’s trust that they’re now “nothing to no one anymore“. It’s biting heavy hardcore laced with real bitterness, and it really shows.

Also, just putting this out there, but all cheaters can rot.

The Burden Of Purpose‘ drops independently on June 14th. Roll with ‘Liar’s Tongue‘ below:

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