Emo as fuck: Belle Haven release new single ‘Forget Me’

New Belle Haven, straight outta 2006. 

There’s been some strained, uncertain times in the Belle Haven camp lately, with 2018 throwing the band plenty of “curve boulders”, as singer David De La Hoz puts it. The future for the Melbourne band is a little unclear, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either, and the group are savouring the moment for now.

“We intended on having new music out in 2018, but life loves to throw curve balls. 2018 was full of large curve balls. More like… curve boulders” writes David. “Eventually we were thrown well off track. But instead of trying to get back on track, it now feels like we’ve built entirely new tracks instead. Because of that, the future for Belle Haven is very unclear as we’re not entirely sure where these new tracks lead. We do have a lot planned, some of which we’ll be able to share with everyone before too long.”

Apart of that “very unclear” path is their newest single, ‘Forget Me‘. Perhaps stemming from the band’s own collective and individual doubts, it’s about failure and the fear of one day being forgotten; that feeling in your gut that eventually, you will let everyone else around you down. It’s for when you feel like you can’t out-run your short-comings and your own self-sabotaged isolation is the only kingdom you’ll rule in the end. And it definitely carries on the mood and vibe of 2017’s ‘You, Me & Everything In Between‘ LP, in just how brutally personal that particular release was and in how forthcoming this new single is.

As for the music, this seriously sounds like self-titled-era Saosin, with riffs that straight out of a 2000’s post-hardcore band’s play-book. There’s also greater emphasis on the bass, Christopher Vernon’s backing vocals inter-twining with the leads, and David showing off larger Brendon Urie vocal shades as he soars his range over theses catchy three-minutes. It’s more of an emo/alt-rock take on what Belle Haven do, the incendiary screams in the song’s second half and outro notwithstanding.

While not quite as raw or as heavy as part material, ‘Forget Me‘ is a pretty cool track. Although it definitely hasn’t hooked me in as hard as ‘The Carving Knife‘ so powerfully did for their previous record.

Either way, remember ‘Forget Me‘ below and don’t ever count out Belle Haven too early.

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