‘Tapping Out’: Issues release first new song without Michael Bohn

Issues enter a new era with ‘Tapping Out’, their first new song without Michael Bohn.

Back in January 2018, Issues parted ways with screamer Michael Bohn. At the time, the band wrote that it was an “amicable yet difficult decision“, and that they were heading in a new direction that “put us at odds with each other creatively“. Michael himself stated that he “did not leave ISSUES“, more or less of his own volition, simply informed that he would no longer be in the band after years of service.

It smelt kinda fishy, considering that the band then just delegated his screaming parts out to guitarist AJ Robello, and continued on with their usual setlist. In fact, their first ever show without Michael was Download Festival Melbourne in 2018, where the band actually had a solid set, handling their new four-piece band dynamic well-enough.

Now the time has come for new material to drop, starting with their latest single, ‘Tapping Out‘. Produced by Howard Benson, ‘Tapping Out‘ features Tyler Carter’s poppy vocal hooks, some heavier screams from AJ (which are all fine, but do little for the song), a moody synth under-current, some off-putting hard-tuned vocals, plus a few grooves and heavier metalcore riffs. In so many words, it’s built around the usual Issues dynamic of light and dark; heavy and soft. Just with less-punchy, flatter production.

Honestly, ‘Tapping Out‘ isn’t great; not topping anything they achieved with 2016’s massive ‘Headspace‘. It just hasn’t got that Issues “weirdness”, that funkiness, nor any of their killer tones. It lacks the “it” factor great tracks like ‘Coma‘, ‘The Realest‘, ‘Lost n’ Found‘, ‘Home Soon‘ and ‘Slow Me Down‘ featured. While this is just one single for now, it makes their decision to drop Michael all the stranger. As it’s not that different from their last record sound-wise. Micheal was starting to sing more on ‘Headspace‘ too, which wouldn’t have gone amiss here. Perhaps there’s some real curve-balls coming soon that’ll show why Issues decided to drop Michael? All in due time. Still, interested to hear their new record nonetheless!

Expect more to come from Issues in 2019. Suss ‘Tapping Out‘ below:

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