Memphis May Fire cover Linkin Park’s ‘Faint’

Memphis May Fire take on a Linkin Park classic, ‘Faint’.

Over the years, some bands have tried their hand at covering the Linkin Park favourite, ‘Faint‘. There’s actually quite a few, in fact. From I, The Breather giving it a red hot earlier this decade, to Crossfaith tacking on a pretty solid Japanese cyber-metal rendition of it at the end of their 2018 album, ‘Ex_Machina‘ (featuring Masato from coldrain), to some pretty meh-tier metalcore covers from the likes of Speaking With Ghosts and Lonewolf. Hell, even Mike Shinoda himself teamed up with Sum 41 in 2018 at that band’s Reading and Leeds festival set to perform ‘Faint‘ as a special one-off tribute.

Now, Memphis May Fire have throw their own hat into the Linkin Park covers ring with their take on this particular LP banger.

On one hand, this is a pretty faithful do-over of the original 2003 ‘Meteora‘ hit: it’s got all of the synths and electronics, the rapping, the breakdown, that scream, and everything else that you’d expect from this kind of cover. But on the other hand, while it’s a little flat in terms of energy, it’s also just very similar at times. So much so that with Memphis May Fire not really deviating from the original nor doing much of their own thing here (other than some added EQ filters and vocal layerings), you may as well just listen to the OG instead. Nothing tops that, after all.

Still, maybe there’s actually more mileage in these guys pursuing a nu-metal direction or even a full covers record in the future, especially after the immensely mediocre ‘Broken‘ LP from last year.

Either way, check out MMF’s cover of ‘Faint‘ below:

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