Serpent Of Gnosis (Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy members) debut with ‘The Colorless Capsules’

Serpent Of Gnosis; a brutal new group from members of The Black Dahlia Murder & Job For A Cowboy is now born. [Album art by Mark W. Richards.]

After bassist Max Lavelle (The Black Dahlia Murder), guitarist Al Glassman (Job For A Cowboy), and drummer Darren Cesca played in Goratory but inevitably parted ways some years ago, the trio have reunited for the viscous extreme metal sounds of Serpent Of  Gnosis. With this band’s material being written by Al and Darren, they then turned to their former and current bandmates in Black Dahlia Murder and Job For A Cowboy to help beef things up and fill in the gaps. Thus creating the group’s upcoming debut LP, ‘As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation‘. (Sick album title, by the way.)

While one can absolute expect the usual extreme metal themes of religion and horror with this release, words and imagery slammed full of gore, evil, and despair, Serpent of Gnosis‘ debut effort also aims explore various concepts about addiction and what such  vices can do to the mind and body alike; providing a first-person perspective from an individual dealing with crippling drug addiction. This is something that we see exposed on their first single, ‘The Colorless Capsules‘, as the lyrics detail “dependencies of colorless capsules” growing deeper; referring to this dependency as “a fathomless chasm” too.

The Colorless Capsules‘ itself is barely two-minutes of speedy, savage and solid death-grind. In short, it fucking slaps! Racey riffs, vile screams, and hectic blast beats dominate this rather short yet highly brutal track; making for a great inter-section of JFAC, TBDM, and grind as well.

When it comes to the gnarly vocals driving Serpent of Gnosis forward, it’s also just so great to hear Jonny Davy on the mic once again. It was five years ago that we had the best Job For A Cowboy record, ‘Sun Eater‘, and time has not withered or held back his monstrous voice. We may not get another JFAC record for some time – if ever – but this really scratches that old itch.

With the album tracked by each member from the comfort of their own homes, (then mixed by Darren at his House of Grind studios), ‘As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation‘ arrives June 14th via Western Massachusetts label, 1126 Records.

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