Cave In announce new LP, ‘Final Transmission’

‘Final Transmission’ will feature the last recordings of Caleb Scofield.
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In late March, 2018, Cave In bassist and songwriter, Caleb Scofield, 39, died in a horrific car accident. It was a loss that was not only felt hard in the American heavy music communities and the bands that he performed in – Cave In, Old Man Gloom, and Zozobra – but across the world; an out-pouring of support coming in from countless fans, musicians and loved ones who knew Caleb from around the globe. Now, over a year later, Cave In are ready to move forward and honour their fallen brother with a new record that he helped to provide the ground-work for.

Cave In’s upcoming LP, ‘Final Transmission‘ – named as an ode to the last voice memo Caleb sent the band following what would be their last practice together – will feature the final recordings and contributions Caleb laid down before his passing, with his instrumental performances found on almost all of it’s nine track; bass on six cuts and guitar on two others. It’s all in honour of his legacy; taking the demos Caleb  once made and turning them into a brand new, fully-fledged Cave In record (their first since 2011’s ‘White Silence‘), one they can share with friends, family and fans the world over.

The album is set to drop though Hydra Head Industries on June 7th, with half of the album’s proceeds to go to the Scofield family. “It’s an honour to present this work with their blessing” stated the band on their social media upon the album’s announcement.

In a press release, guitarist Adam McGrath said that it’ll be tough for people to hear that actual voice message from Caleb opening up this LP, writing:

“Hearing his voice fucks you up a little bit. We were surprised to get it from him, actually, but we thought it was great. And that was it. In a weird way, it’s the end of the story as far as our relationship together.”

Not only that, but guitarist and vocalist Steve Brodsky reveals how even in Caleb’s passing, he still had the full vision direction for this new record, saying:

“When I look back at our email correspondence about the demos, Caleb had a really crystallized view of how to navigate the whole thing. He was really digging the stuff that was spacey, heavy, a little bit weird, but with very pretty melodies and hooks — which is a very surface-level way of looking at Jupiter. So I think he was encouraging us to embrace what we’ve always been good at and what sets us apart from our contemporaries. That’s what made Jupiter a turning point for the band. So there was definitely that creative motion to slip back into the spacesuits.”

The first single culled from ‘Final Transmission‘ is ‘All Illusion‘, featuring Caleb’s sole lyrical contribution, lyrics that were found in his journal by his wife after his death, and thus incorporated into this new composition. As for ‘All Illusion‘ itself, it’s a spacey, textured yet groovy and heavy alt-rock track in typical later-day Cave In fashion; feedback and all. It’s a real continuation of ‘White Silence‘, and those bass lines and transitions sliding between the vocals and other instruments is classic Caleb.

Check it out below:

‘Final Transmission’ track-listing:

1. Final Transmission

2. All Illusion

3. Shake My Blood

4. Night Crawler

5. Lunar Day

6. Winter Window

7. Lanterna

8. Strange Reflection

9. Led To The Wolves

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