Nails drop two new songs: ‘I Don’t Want To Know You’ & ‘Endless Resistance’

Yep, you are still not one of them.
[PC: Digital Beard, Download Melbourne 2018.]

Metal Sucks‘ favourite hardcore band, Nails, have just released a worldwide dual-single: the solid duo of ‘I Don’t Want To Know You‘ and ‘Endless Resistance‘, featuring Max Cavalera.

With quick cymbal chokes, the bitter ‘I Don’t Want To Know You‘ barrels forward violently with pummelling double kicks, crunchy riffs, and some truly tortured screams at times from frontman Todd Jones. Clocking in at just 1:22, ‘I Don’t Want To Know You‘ is the purest and most-common form we hear Nails‘ music in. Meaning that it’s short, fast, noisy has plenty of attitude, is doused with distortion, and is pretty damn heavy.

Elsewhere, ‘Endless Resistance‘ runs at a whopping three-minute plus run-time. The track is overall slower, more ignorant and quite brooding in tone and pace, but is nonetheless vicious and brutal. It comes armed with some screeching guitar leads and a mosh-ready breakdown towards the end as well. More than that, Max’s guest vocals really add another layer savagery; never getting in the way, just bolstering shit up even more so. It’s my personal favourite of the pair by a large margin.

On one hand, this is all just more Nails, but on the other hand, it’s all not half bad either. The release of these two singles also comes with the news that the band are releasing a three-track 7″ with these two tracks and a remix of ‘Endless Resistance‘ from Petbrick on June 7th, 2019.

Check out the latest from Nails below. Not like you’re doing anything better, right?

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