Press Club follow-up 2018’s ‘Late Teens’ LP with new single, ‘Get Better’

Press Club, what a band!

After last year’s rip-roaring ‘Late Teens‘ LP, and with the band now setting their sights beyond Australian shores for international tours, Melbourne’s Press Club continue their dominating track-record with a brand new cut. Entitled ‘Get Better‘, that’s what it’s all about: a real hope that things will truly get better in time. Not just for yourself, but also for your best friends and close family, but the world itself and maybe even some old enemies that you’ve strayed away from over the years as well.

With brief punk rock flourishes of loud cymbals hits and buzz-sawing distorted guitars, a lively flow, homey-DIY production, and armed with a massive chorus and as many big hooks as you’d expect, ‘Get Better‘ sees Press Club twist around various tempo shifts. Yet the song never once loses an ounce of passion or drive in the process. Easily, ‘Get Better‘ rivals some of the best moments from their debut album too, such as the esteemed likes of ‘Suburbia‘, ‘Let It Fall‘, ‘Crash‘, and the always kick-ass ‘Headwreck‘. It’s short, sizzling, and solid.

Check it all out below! Today, Australia. Tomorrow, the world.

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