Diamond Construct battle night terrors on new song

On May 17th, Diamond Construct will finally follow-up their 2016 EP, ‘Event Horizon‘, with their debut self-titled album via the cool folks over at Greyscale Records. It’s a full-length record that’s been a long time coming now, with the NSW band gearing up for it’s eventual release as they start relinquishing new material. And one such cut is this week’s newly released single, ‘Night Terrors‘.

Based on actual sleep paralysis experiences that vocalist Kynan Groundwater has dealt with in the past, ‘Night Terrors‘ is Diamond Construct simply just being Diamond Construct, musically speaking. After an ambient intro swell, the quartet kick you in the teeth with their usual tight brand of prog-metalcore. All with plenty of chugging, some dissonant intervals and pinch harmonics, as well as some string-skipping riffs, breakdowns and double-time too. The Taree band are definitely up-keeping the guitar-centric songwriting that they’ve become known for in the local scene. Just now there’s some added electronics splattered over the track, along with some atmospheric parts in the bridge, as well as the odd spoken vocal line (“surprise, you’re the liar“) that doesn’t really do much for the song.

The four young lads in Diamond Construct have seldom welcomed clean vocals in their music (except for obvious exceptions like ‘Feel The Sun‘ and ‘Paradox‘), but this track sees Kynan offering some decent, spacious singing parts for the chorus; trying to help pull one further into the dark personal void that this song is tackling lyrically. We’re really seeing the band leaning harder on their cleaner, more melodic elements, but also not losing sight of their harder-hitting metal moments either. A balance that isn’t too shabby, and one that I think we can safely expect to see them expand upon with their new LP.

Out of their upcoming album’s three singles, ‘Night Terrors‘ would be in third spot for me, sitting just behind the melodic, sky-scraping ‘Paradox‘ (second place) and the utterly monstrous ‘Submerged‘ (number one.) It’s not bad, but I’ve honestly heard a more gripping, punchier output from DC before. However, this cleanses the palette fine enough and is a nice little stop-gap between right now and May when their new record arrives.

Check it all out below:

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‘Diamond Construct’, out May 17th, 2019.

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