Alex Moses (Columbus) wears his heart on his sleeve with ‘Keep In Touch’

Alex Moses branches out with solo acoustic number, ‘Keep In Touch’.

In the downtime between tours and releases for Brisbane pop-punk crew, Columbus, frontman Alex Moses has branched out on his lonesome for his first ever solo single, ‘Keep In Touch‘.

Originally streaming over on Triple J Unearthed,like most Columbus songs, ‘Keep In Touch‘ is a vulnerable track in terms of what it’s lyrically trying to get across to the listener. Devastating and messy break-ups aside, it’s seemingly written about when quick relationships are formed but are doomed to never last; how both sides offer ultimately empty platitudes of small comfort to make a somewhat shitty situation just a little less awkward and a bit easier; saying things like “Yeah, we’ll still be friends” or  “of course we’ll keep in touch“. Which is hit right home as Alex himself sings just that here in the chorus: “we’ll keep in touch… whatever that means.

With drums tracked by producer Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, G-Flip, Meg Mac), and everything being mastered by Jay Maas, Alex Moses‘ debut single has hints of acoustic singer-songwriter with it’s simple instrumentation and spindling acoustic guitar parts. Yet it’s also got some emo vibes with his soft but fitting vocal delivery, and the track itself is at all times honest. With relaxing vocal melodies, light drum work, and some real intimacy shared from Alex, it’s niffy little track.

I personally like this more than most tracks off of 2018’s ‘A Hot Take On Heartbreak‘ LP, that’s for sure! Check it out below:

Catch Alex Moses supporting Aquila Young at the Gasometer in Melbourne, April 11th. 

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