Port Noir announce new album, ‘The New Routine’

Port Noir’s ‘The New Routine’ – AKA your favourite rock record of 2019 – arrives May 10th.

After the equally smooth and kick-ass, Beastie Boys-homage-paying banger of ‘Old Fashioned‘, Port Noir placed a double-whammy on the shoulders of eager fans earlier this week. In this case, that saw the Swedish three-piece dropping their newest single, ‘Young Bloods‘, plus announcing their new LP, ‘The New Routine‘, which has sky-rocketed to becoming one of my most anticipated releases for 2019.

Upon revealing their next release, Port Noir mentioned that:

“We went back to the music we grew up with and tried to find out what got us into playing in a band in the first place and fused it with the music that inspires us today. The result is our best album yet. It’s The New Routine.”

With pants-shittingly heavy distorted bass lines from singer Love AnderssonAW Wiberg’s snappy and groovy drumming, and Andreas Hollstrand’s angular guitar tones and ballsy riffs splattering against his synth parts, ‘Young Bloods‘ is full of life. The song’s lower dynamics pull you under before its explosive heights push you upward suddenly. It’s a quality of real musical character that Port Noir have exerted for quite a few years now.

Young Bloods‘ has got the trio’s sharpened rock edges and focus on rhythm and loops all in check, but it also contains their lush melodic and electronic delicacies that have all been exponentially growing since their ‘Neon‘ EP. Just like their last killer single, this is a well-balanced track between their two sounds; their clashing influences of heavy rock and gliding pop. Which bodes immensely well for the kind of output we’ll see on their upcoming full-length. Speaking of, ‘The New Routine‘ will land on May 10th, 2019 via Inside Out Music.

In the mean time, place this new track in your pipe and smoke it till it goes out of fuckin’ fashion. I dig it, and I hope you do too.

‘The New Routine’ track-listing:

1. Old Fashioned
2. Flawless
3. Blow
4. Champagne
5. Low Lights
6. 13
7. Young Bloods
8. Define Us
9. Drive
10. Down For Delight
11. Out Of Line

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