Life Pilot take you inside their share-house on ‘Dark, Dark, Goose’

Thank you Life Pilot, very cool!

Acting as their first new release since 2017’s ‘Too Hot For Killing‘ EP, Adelaide’s Life Pilot hit back today with ‘Dark, Dark, Goose‘.

Dark, Dark, Goose‘ is another riffy, chaotic slab of groovy hardcore from the Adelaide heavy outfit well-known for writing such wild jams. Yet with some tastefully sung choruses from vocalist Angus Long, an awesome little rhythmic stutter at 1:19 and some well-layered vocal scatting around the 2:20 mark, there’s more character here than usual. But if you’ve come for some chunky riffs and rollicking energetic drive, then the South Australian band have got you more than covered too! Throw in a squealing, feedback-riddled, Southern-flavoured breakdown for the outro and this is yet another rip-roaring Life Pilot tune. The very kind that’ll see the group destroy not only their own bodies, but any stage that they perform this beast live on too.

Through all of the musical chaos, ‘Dark, Dark, Goose‘ is actually a song about realising that you cannot please everybody – that you truly can’t win ’em all – so why put that extra worry and stress upon your shoulders? It’s a track to help re-align perspectives on life and the company you keep; to push past the petty BS; and is a call to stand up for yourself and keep your sanity in-check. Just as the song goes: “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

Despite the seriousness of the track’s lyrics, it’s music video is anything but serious. The clip takes you inside the band’s share-house, as the five members bicker to work out who must undergo the dreaded task of taking the bin out on bin day. Quickly, it descends into the mind of bassist Will Everlyn for a dream about him embarking on some grand quest with a wheelie bin, encountering alternative versions of his band-mates along the way. It’s a pretty silly and goofy music video. However, I’d much rather watch a band have a laugh than four dudes mining their music in a dark room whilst local photographer/videographer types jack off over the director’s social media about the “sick colour gradient, bro.” At least this new Life Pilot video was fun to watch.

Be sure catch Life Pilot supporting Converge on March 13th at Adelaide’s Lion Art Factory. In the interim, get that cheeky goose below:

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