A letter to my former self: Windwaker’s Will King

Windwaker are going to have a giant 2019. On March 22nd, they’ll be releasing their new EP, ‘Empire’, a release that has been a year or so in the pipeline; a release whose lead single ‘The Sitch’ has gotten rave press, even seeing the band be added to Spotify’s own curated Aussie heavy music playlist. The Melbourne band are also the Triple J Unearthed support winners for Download Festival Melbourne 2019, which goes down on Monday, March 11th. With a massive year ahead and with some solid goal-kicking happening, frontman Will King penned this letter to his former self. A piece about where he once was, what he was thinking, where he and Windwaker are now, and also where they’re now heading towards. This one comes straight from the heart.


Hey, dude. It’s me. And by “me”, I mean you, but later you. Man, I know you’ve been having a hard time lately; feeling shit about dropping out of school, quitting your job, all that sorta stuff. Look, I’d be lying if I said you weren’t going to experience more self-doubt.

Truth is, you are going to face a lot of times where you feel like an outcast; where you just want to go back to uni and achieve all of those things you had set out to achieve before this trajectory manifested itself. I bet you are even considering taking a step back from it all right now, huh?

Well, what lies ahead right now is a journey you have always wanted to embark on. You’re getting up and going to Mordor. It will be painful, but don’t let it break you, dude. You’ve got to keep pushing, but we both know that, don’t we?

Anyway, so you know how you listen to triple j all the time and the parents think it’s complete garbage? Well, they still kinda do, but you’re on it all the time now. I think they might actually be warming up to it. They are pretty proud of the news you get later too. The news about triple j throwing you guys a massive bone. You know Soundwave? Think bigger. Think Download Fest from overseas coming here, and you guys won the lucky prize, man. You totally get to play it. Weird, right?

You better practice because I’m actually not sure if you’ll get another shot like this. In any case, just get up there and be yourself. But yeah, probably don’t mess it up.

-Future Will.

P.S. I hope you don’t think whatever you’re writing at the moment is good.

‘Empire’ is out March 22nd, 2019. Catch Windwaker at Download Festival Melbourne on March 11th. Their new single ‘My Empire’ is out now:

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