Sleep Talk release title track from debut LP, ‘Everything In Colour’

Sleep Talk are comin’ atcha with a new full-length album in 2019, ‘Everything In Colour’. 

Adelaide, like all of Australia’s capital cities, has plenty of both good and bad bands coming out of its gates right now. Yet one of the better alternative acts from the South Australian hot-spot is Sleep Talk. Their debut record, ‘Everything In Colour‘, which will apparently be a commentary of sorts on people’s daily routines according to the band themselves, will arrive May 3rd via Unified. And it’s newly released title track is an… odd little song.

My first thought when it ended was: “oh, that’s it?” It’s definitely one of those tracks that never quite reaches what it feels like it ought to have; it never really gets to the place you feel it should’ve finally arrived at come the end. It’s kinda over before it even begins, in one sense. Starting out with the song’s chorus, it’s got that alternative-rock edge the SA band have had before, with glimmers of their melodic hardcore roots coming through as well. Yet the song’s structure sounds like it was weirdly chopped-up and re-arranged from a different version of the song to what it is now. It’s not necessarily bad, I just feel there’s a difference between creating something genuinely interesting, as opposed to something that’s just “challenging” for the sake of it.

Drummer Michael Belletti definitely steals the show here, though. The guy puts out these fitting yet subtle cymbal bell placements and accentuated open-shut hi-hat parts throughout, parts that really maintain interest and are tastefully done. As for screamer Jacob Clement, he feels under-used. While I assume there’ll be much more of him on the larger LP, he’s got such a passionate scream that it feels like a missed opportunity to not have this song lean harder on one of the group’s best assets. Instead, his contributions here are some little whispers of “a room full of mirrors” following the first chorus during a moodier verse, before a sorely short-lived hardcore section. Other than some screams during the final chorus, echoing “everything in colour“, that’s all he gets. However, that being said, Sleep Talk’s use of not one, not two, but three different vocalists – guitarist Lewis Tito, bassist Josh Healey and then Jacob – is a super interesting dynamic. Not many bands go down that route, hopefully an approach that will become more integral to their sound and new record.

Regarding this titular track’s related music video, there are some interesting observations to be made. Like how the room that this video is set within, is the very same room that ended their clip for previous single, ‘New Tradition‘; now just dolled up with different, ever-changing colour palettes. There’s also the recurring motif of the sunflowers, which appeared at the end of their last video too, and can also seen in the above promo photo and the below album cover. Me thinks there’s a theme at foot here!

Anyway, no matter how many times I listen to ‘Everything In Colour‘, it just doesn’t grab me as hard or as well as past Sleep Talk tracks have, like ‘Sorry‘ or the aforementioned ‘New Tradition‘. Perhaps you’ll enjoy this one more? Find out below, pals:

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