After The Burial obsess over pinch harmonics on ‘Behold The Crown’

Prepare for battle with After The Burial’s new single.

Arriving April 19th, Minnesota’s After The Burial will be relinquishing their sixth album, ‘Evergreen‘, into the world via Sumerian Records. Just yesterday, we got the first taste of this new album, with the release of the so-so new single, ‘Behold The Crown‘.

With more pinch harmonics than all of Slipknot’s discography combined, this new After The Burial song is just borderline obnoxious at times. It’s like when you learn a new word for the first time and can’t help but slip it into all of your day-to-day conversations; like a guitarist learning pinches for the first time and now can’t help themselves by cramming said technique into every measure they play. Which is the interesting split of opinion for ‘Behold The Crown‘. People are either loving it for the near-constant pinch harmonics firing off, whereas others naturally think that it’s just way too much.

Other than that, this is just the American band’s tight, prog-metalcore sound as per usual, with nothing out of the ordinary. Djent riffs, a little solo slotted in, some mosh parts, and wailing sirens during the pre-breakdown build-up. It’s basically just more After The Burial, with battle-hardened and war-themed lyrics included, and I personally don’t care much. Maybe the rest of their new record will be better? We’ll have to wait and find out. Your own mileage may vary, though.

As for the song’s music video – directed by Erez Bader (who has done videos for The Dear Hunter, Veil Of Maya, and The Contortionist) – it’s like Braveheart or an episode of Vikings but with snowballs instead of weapons and gore. So it’s an amusing four-minute watch, at the very least. Which is the real silver-lining here: at least something fun came out of this whole thing.

After The Burial’s ‘Evergreen’.

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