caution:thieves seek ‘Standing’ Room’ in emotional new song

caution:thieves try to remedy a sickness without a cure in ‘Standing Room’.

Melbourne’s caution:thieves write music as if the golden, nostalgic era of alternative and heavy music from 2003-2008 never came to an end. Ergo, their sound is made up by a lot of vibes from Alexisonfire, Circa Survive, Finch, Saosin, Misery Signals, and more acts from that period. Yet the band themselves know this, and so they go all in; creating some mean, lean melodic post-hardcore tunes in the process. Enter the Australian quartet’s newest song, ‘Standing Room‘.

Straight up, this is a super personal number, but one more so about another person’s life and their actions rather then necessarily being about the self. As opposed to their previous EP, ‘Songs From The Great Divide‘; a four-track effort dealing heavily in topics of mental health, depression, and introspective growth.

Here, ‘Standing Room‘ is an honest track written for someone dear to their singer’s heart; a solid cut armed with soaring vocal hooks and riffy energy no less. It talks of a friend or family member whom frontman Nicholas Simonsen believed was always bullet-proof; someone that he looks up to dearly, someone that he deemed to forever be invincible. Yet this individual had their own demons talking in their own and their own battles to wage, and thus, they made some mistakes; moments that now cut them deeply and are a point of real regret. But this caution:thieves song is here to tell that person otherwise: that their moment of “weakness”, whatever it was, does not define the strength of their character now nor will it ever negatively affect they’re standing in the vocalist’s eyes.

The track also reflects how this person’s own dire moment still impacts Nicholas’s own mental health struggles today: “I’m still trying to remedy a sickness without a cure/In time, I know that I’ll be fine but the memory lingers and haunts my mind.” And that seems to be the song’s core intention too: to seek out figurative breathing room in order to re-align your bearings when the personal foundations of your life start to show signs of cracking.

Find some personal standing room below:

FULL DISCLOSURE: caution:thieves’ Nicholas Simonsen, has written for KYS before, like this feature on ‘Controller’ from 2018

Catch caution:thieves live on February 28th, at The Rev in Melbourne with Pridelands, The Gloom In The Corner, & SETMEONFIRE. 

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