Premiere: Reside search for acceptance with new song, ‘Replace Me’

Keep calm & carry on with Reside’s new song, ‘Replace Me’.

Following on from their previous single, the tale of loneliness and metaphorical drowning of ‘In This Moment‘, which dropped back in December 2018, ‘Replace Me‘ feels like the logical next step for Melbourne’s Reside. Blending in the band’s emotionally-charged melodic hardcore roots with the honest Australian alt-rock that’s sweeping our local music scene lately, ‘Replace Me‘ surges with passionate vocals and gritty guitars, but also intimacy and delicacy: “I still feel like dying sometimes, but I’ll be alright” hits so damned hard.

Comparisons to other Aussie bands like Trophy Eyes and Better Half will be frequent, and also apt, but Reside have their own merit and strength here. This new track has, hands down, the group’s best chorus to date; showing off how well they’re growing as song-writers. And that’s lovely to see! That “give up, light moves on” refrain is HUGE, and it took me by surprise: I wasn’t expecting something so solid from a young band like Reside, but they’re really punching above their weight, and winning. Cause when that chorus comes back around for the last time, bigger than ever with some really well-done vocal layering added in, I’m fully hooked. Reside sound tighter and confident than ever before; stepping up nicely from their 2017 EP, ‘Closing Doors‘. The future is incredibly bright for these lads, it seems.

Vocalist Liam Guinane, who also pulls vocal and guitar duties in Windwaker, commented on the song to us and it’s intent, saying:

Replace Me was one of the first songs we wrote for this upcoming EP and in a way sort of sums up my journey of how low I was 18 months ago to reaching a point where I felt more myself again.

Their new EP, ‘The Light That You Saw‘ – out Friday, March 29th – is all about persisting through personal darkness and loss to (hopefully) find the light at the end of the tunnel; to seek out and discover that acceptance of the unknown and the closure of the frightening. Which is going to mean different things for different people. For some, ‘The Light That You Saw‘ and it’s songs will act like a beacon of hope, that it’s still okay to not be okay some times; that you’re aren’t weak for not being at your strongest one-hundred-percent of the time. That’s called just being human. For others, it might even be a real coping mechanism in the wake of death: understanding the “light” that loved ones may have found after they pass on and left this world behind. Yet no matter the personal place that you come from when approaching this latest Reside jam and their forthcoming EP, it’s an endearing roller-coaster the whole way through.

Because for all of the figurative gloom that surrounds the lyrical content and instrumental qualities of this powerful new tune, actual rays of hope break through the grey clouds too. It’s just like Senses Fail said last year: “if there is light, it’ll find you“. And that light will find Reside, and it will find you too.

Check out Reside’s latest, ‘Replace Me‘, streaming exclusively through us here at KYS, below!

Catch Reside live on the following ‘The Light You Saw’ dates:

Wednesday, February 20th
Botany View Hotel, Newtown, NSW

Saturday, February 23rd
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Friday, March 1st
Selina’s Entertainment Centre, Coogee, NSW

Thursday, March 28th
Henry’s, Manly, QLD

Friday, April 26th
Albion Hotel, Albury

Saturday, April 27th,
Wagga Wagga

Wednesday, May 29th
Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD

Friday, May 31st
The Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, QLD

Saturday, June 1st
The Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, QLD 

Monday, June 3rd
The Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Mt Gambier, SA

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