Trade Wind reveal beautiful new song, ‘No King But Me’

A gorgeous new song from Trade Wind preludes their next LP, ‘Certain Freedoms’.

When it comes to Trade Wind releases, the band have previously lead with a first single that’s loud and muscular. The ominous, Thrice-meets-Deftones jam of ‘Fixed Blade‘ was their debut single back in 2014, culled from their debut ‘Suffer Just To Believe‘ EP. Then in 2016, the rocky, ‘I Hope I Don’t Wake Up‘ dropped leading into first album, the stellar ‘You Make Everything Disappear‘, in July of that year. But that’s not the case now in 2019 as the band moves forward.

Made up of Stick To Your GunsJesse Barnett on guitar/vocals, Stray From The Path’s Tom Williams also on guitar, drummer Andrew McEnaney (END), and bassist Randy LeBeouf, Trade Wind have quite the dynamic going. Peeling back their heavier, alternative rock skin for their first new material in three years, Trade Wind give us a glimpse into their next album by offering up something serene; something more delicate. Enter the intimate and pretty-sounding ‘No King But Me‘.

With bright acoustic guitar chords, Andrew’s busy yet still tight and restrained drumming, and shining atmospherics shifting through a wondrous background ether, this is a delicate yet moving new tune from the Trade Wind camp. It’s an emotional track not necessarily about self-worship, but more so of self-care and self-love, or at least the process of learning to attain those feelings. Even with Jesse’s shouts of “no king” and the harsher, distortion-soaked guitar that comes in on the mix’s left side before the final chorus and outro, nothing feels out of place or over-bearing. Honestly, it all just feels right. What a joyous song!

Trade Wind’s sophomore LP, ‘Certain Freedoms‘, arrives April 26th via Other People Records/End Hits Records. Worship ‘No King But Me‘ below:

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