Premiere: China’s Struggle Session slam-out in ‘WO85’ music video

The Beijing-based hardcore punk act release amusing new music video for ‘WO85’.

Made up of all expats from various corners of the world and now currently living in Beijing, China’s Struggle Session love their 80’s and 90’s crossover and their hardcore punk from the same era; it’s fast, it’s loud, and it’s pissed-off, man. And that defines their band of power-violence more than anything else, a big grinding reason why it’s also so goddamn enjoyable too. Even with this band barely existing for less than three years by now, they ride with some of the best acts around.

The explosive ‘WO85‘ comes off the quartet’s 2018 split with T.E.S.T. and is just a wild, fun “fastcore” track at it’s blistering heart. It’s the kind of song you see some unknown metal band performing to less than twenty people at some random dank bar on a Saturday night in the CBD. Yet you don’t care about that petty stuff, as the song itself just has so much rage and energy; the kind of track where diving off shit into other people is just par for the course, as riffs and blasts fly out across the room. All of which is exactly the kind of vibe and imagery that ‘WO85‘ conjures up in less than three minutes flat.

Struggle Session guitarist Nevin Domer – who books a venue in China and currently runs both Maybe Mars and Genjing Records – tells us that the heavy scene in China is going well lately, that it’s only getting better. In our conversations whilst teeing up this premiere, he recommends us some Chinese bands: hardcore-punk noise-makers Demerit, stoner metal lads Never Before and local metal legends, Suffocated. “There is a lot going on,” he tells us, and I believe him.

Nevin also play in the hardcore outfit, Fanzui Xiangfa, and he’s not the only Struggle Session member to pull double-duties in other bands or come from other groups. Sydney-native bassist Alf played in “Extreme Post-Op Power Grind” band, Scrotal Vice. Drummer Aaron is from Canada and grew up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Morocco where he played in some of regions first ever hardcore and metal bands, including W.O.R.M and Into The Evernight. Whereas vocalist Oliver is American and previously played in a metalcore band by the name of Handed To The Thousands.

Watch Struggle Session score the grinding day-to-day life of Xiao Wang’s vocalist, Yu Yang, below with our premiere and ruin your quiet little suburbia.

Struggle Session is anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic, pro-positivity, pro-diversity and accepting of all. And honestly, I can fuck with that.

Catch Struggle Session on their fast-approaching Australian tour, which kicks off this Friday, as they tear through the following dates & venues:

15/2 – Brisbane @ Unite
17/2 – Lismore @ Hindmarsh House
19/2 – Newcastle @ The Croat
20/2 – Sydney @ Mothership
21/2 – Port Kembla @ Servo Food Truck Bar
22/2 – Melbourne @ Footscray Hotel
23/2 – Melbourne @ Old Bar
24/2 – Adelaide @ Animal House

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