Year Of The Knife release ‘Fatal’, sign with Pure Noise Records

With a solid new track, a re-release of their two EP’s coming in April, & in now signing to Pure Noise Records, 2019 is going to be the year of Year Of The Knife.

Oi, are you looking for some new angry, fight music to get your hate on to? Well, Delaware metallic hardcore outfit, Year Of The Knife, have got you more than covered with their latest single, champ.

With a dire lyrical message of humankind’s selfishness and how we are a lethal stain upon the planet that we call home, ‘Fatal‘ is the latest riff-fest from the budding American hardcore act. It’s tough-as-nails and it’s laced with real venom; making for a fiendish three-and-a-bit minutes of aggressive hardcore. Don’t expect anything that ground-breaking or that cutting-edge, however. As this is just pure and simple straight-to-your-face heavy music; chest-beating vocals, groovy bass lines, hard-hitting drums and all. Yet that’s all that was really needed for this newest Year Of The Knife track to still be a solid listen.

The band’s new nine-track LP, ‘Ultimate Aggression‘, will be stampeding into a mosh-pit near you come April 5th, 2019. This new LP is actually a compilation of their 2017 EP, ‘Ultimate Disease‘, as well as their 2018 EP, ‘First State, Aggression‘, hence the record’s conjoined title, with ‘Fatal‘ being the only legitimate new song on offer here. (Kinda like that new SeeYouSpaceCowboy LP.)

Anyhow, embrace your own fatality below:

Do you want more from Year Of The Knife? If so, then go check out this sick live set of theirs from 2018, courtesy of Hate5six!

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