Blood Command drop anthemic, rollicking new tune, ‘Afraid Of Water’

Blood Command, back in kick-ass action. 

One of my favourite records from the year MMXVII was Blood Command’sCult Drugs‘; a huge release that I still bop hard from time to time. It was and remains to be a ludicrously enjoyable and incredibly well-written combination of Paramore-sized hooks, Refused-esque riffs, and the unbridled energy of The Blood Brothers. I just cannot say enough good things about it! And that’s not even including how the Norwegian quartet sprinkle in neon synths on ‘Initiation Tape #1‘ as well as Latin vibes and bright mariachi trumpets on ‘Nervous Laughter‘ and ‘(The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds‘. But that was all then, we’re here to talk about the right now.

Enter the Bergen outfit’s anthemic and rollicking new track, ‘Afraid Of Water‘. It’s a super-charged track boasting melodic punk guitar leads, an awesomely smooth bass tone, well-placed percussive accents, big sing-along “whoa-oah” vocals, and passionate vocals from cult leader herself, Karina Ljone. It feels like a slick continuation of what they achieved with ‘Cult Drugs‘, just with a more upbeat vibe in it’s stead. It’s also a slightly shifted over a lane-way from their last record’s ferocious, eclectic hardcore sound, yet ‘Afraid Of Water‘ makes up for that change with it’s own personality and flair. And that’s really all I wanted from the Norwegian group moving forward, personally. In short, it’s just a fun, catchy punk number from a great band that you all should absolutely be taking notice of.

Guitarist/songwriter/producer Yngve Andersen told the folks over at Kerrang! that this new song is about a “lone wolf romantic loser, sharing that: “The song is about the lone wolf romantic loser destined for the sad ending and how the world creates monsters by ignoring them”. Which just might make this new single a real hit with incel community, but we’ll see.

Blood Command’s upcoming five-track EP, ‘Return of the Arsonist‘, will explode your skull on April 5th, 2019. (Jesus Christ, there are so many new releases dropping that day, it’s almost scary.) And with a piss-taking song title like the EP’s third track, ‘No Thank You, I’m More In To Fake Grindcore‘, I’m just super eager to wrap my ears around this newie from the Norwegian rockers.

Step into those scared waters below with Blood Command’s latest:

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