Lume release two new B-sides from 2018’s ‘Wrung Out’ LP

Following ‘Wrung Out’, Lume gift us with two B-sides: ‘Black Sun’ & ‘Harris’.

An honourable mention from me for 2018 releases was the newest LP from Lume, ‘Wrung Out‘. It was and is a beautifully bleak record, one full of great grunge tones, heavy alt-rock instrumentals, and delicate vocals sharing personal, grieving lyrics of loss. If you haven’t heard or it passed you by last year, I implore you to sit down with it ASAP! However, it appears that there were some hidden gems left off of the final record, as the American trio drop two new B-sides: ‘Black Sun‘ and ‘Harris‘.

Now, neither of these two tracks are as heart-rendering and as seismic as better cuts like ‘Unending‘ or ‘Keep Me Under‘. But then again, those are peaks tracks for Lume and this kind of music. The bar was set extremely high, to be fair. However, both songs are welcome new additions to Lume’s official release discography; giving more content for those enraptured by ‘Wrung Out‘ (like myself) to sink their teeth harder into more material.

Black Sun‘ maintains the same grim and funeral-dirge vibes that many of the ‘Wrung Out‘ tracks did; feeling like a long-distance cousin to those songs arriving late for Christmas but still eager to sit at the table. The rumbling, brooding low-end bass lines gloriously pull you down; the sluggish rhythms and constant hi-hat time-keeping up-keep the song’s creepy yet steady timbre; and the soft, ethereal vocals impart similar eerie moods to the ones that their last LP nailed so fuckin’ well. Coming from the same writing and recording sessions, the same production quality and intent is present here, so this track doesn’t feel all that out of place. Especially with those darker chords putting chills down my spine and those churning, noise-rock guitars chewing up everything in their damn path. Honestly, I don’t really see why ‘Black Sun‘ wasn’t kept on the original track-listing, but I am so glad that it’s seen the overcast light of day now.

Then there’s ‘Harris‘, which is a pretty haunting track even by Lume’s standards. Lightly falling piano notes puncture am atmospheric piece of minimal vocals and off-putting atmos swirling just beneath; as subtle guitars move slowly like their underwater, never once breaking the surface. While it’s a very different track for the band’s sound, and while I can see why this one was left off of their latest record, I’m just stoked that it’s now received it’s time in the sun. It’s a deeper, darker look into the world of Lume.

Be sure to check out both ‘Black Sun‘ and ‘Harris‘ below:

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