Tim Landers (Transit, Misser, Cold Collective) has passed away

Rest in power, Tim Landers. 

In what was some very sad news to wake up to this morning in Australia, Tim Landers – the former guitarist/vocalist of Transit, Misser and Cold Collective – suddenly passed away on February 2nd. Since news of his passing broke, the pop-punk and alternative music scene has been flooded with love for Tim and support for those that he now leaves behind.

While no exact word of the musicians passing has been released just yet, it’s since been revealed that Tim had battled with past mental illness and previous addictions. However, it’d be wrong of me to speculate any further, but myself and the rest of KYS extend our love and deepest thoughts to Tim’s wife, friends, family and all of his current and past band mates who knew him well.

Being apart of sorely underrated Boston emo-revivalists Transit from 2006 up until his departure in 2014, Tim had already started up the indie/pop-punk side-project Misser in 2010 with Brad Wiseman (ex-This Time Next Year), who would be active on and off again over the years. His most recent musical outlet was the alt-rock band, Cold Collective, which he formed not long after leaving Transit. At every step of the way for these different bands, however, there was a common thread running throughout: Tim Landers‘ talented knack for great songwriting. Something that the world will not see any more of, sadly.

Cold Collective confirmed the news of Tim’s untimely death with the following statement to their social media accounts, sharing:

“The news has already been circulating, and unfortunately we are here to confirm what is being said. Our vocalist Tim Landers passed away suddenly, February 2, 2019. At this time we please ask for your respect and understanding in this time of grieving. We will comment further when we find the words.”

Tims partner, Nicole Theiss, also confirmed the news of his passing via her personal Facebook, opening up about their relationship and time together, writing:

“I lost my best friend and soulmate last night. Tim Landers and I met back when I was in Optometry school in Boston. We fell in love quickly, we moved in together, he’d bring me all the coffee while I studied my brains off, I’d go to all his shows with the new band he started. We had our own thing called “work night”; I’d paint while listening to him write and record. We were there for each other for all of our successes and defeats. We were always talking about our future together, life in Toronto, having a family. He had a positive outlook on life, and was supportive of everyone around him, always seeing the best in everyone. He was just such a GOOD person.

“I found out some time into our relationship he suffered from some mental health issues and addiction. He fought the fight, he went to war last year, did all the things you’re supposed to do to get help and back on your feet. He was coming on to almost 9 months sober and unfortunately this terrible sickness won with one slip.

“I will never be as eloquent with my words as he was. But Tim, you were an amazing partner, musician, brother, and son. You worked harder than anyone I’ll ever know. You deserved such a full life of love, happiness and success more than anyone. I hope your mind is finally at peace. You deserved the world. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Always and forever. To the moon and back.”


Personally, this news hits me hard. Transit’s second album and career highlight, ‘Listen & Forgive‘ (2011), as well as Misser’s debut LP, ‘Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person‘ (2012) were incredibly helpful and emotionally comforting records for me as a teenager. Whether because of bad days, me wanting to soak up some summery tunes, hoping to combat depression, or to transition out of bad break-up and get closure, these records was on high rotation. And Tim Landers was a big part of these releases; releases that meant so much to younger Alex; releases that still have a place in my heart now as a grown man. I won’t ever forget that connection.

Here are some of my favourite works from the bands that Tim was apart of, songs that still mean a great deal to me. Tim, thank you so much for the music that you helped to create. Rest in peace.

If you or someone you know is battling with mental illness or addiction, please seek help at the following resources: 

Beyond Blue

Addiction Center

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