“So, what’s the sitch?”: Windwaker drop hot new tune

Windwaker are fired up with their massive new single, ‘The Sitch’. [PC: Lord Media].

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Windwaker drummer, Chris Lalic, the Melbourne band are now entering into a new era with their latest tune, ‘The Sitch‘. After running a small viral campaign within the local heavy music scene over the last week or so, the goods were finally delivered this week as the storming track hit the airways and the internet. With the hookiest riff they’ve cut to date, and with their strongest chorus yet, ‘The Sitch‘ is Windwaker’s own certified banger.

It nicely shows off the wider pop influences that frontman Will King imbues his vocals with, as evident by the song’s verses and by just how far his singing and tone has come. But you also see this in the song’s cheeky little hand claps and cleaner guitar tones heard during said verses too. Cheesy to some, maybe, but for me, these are added little spices to the solid, ever-growing palette Windwaker are creating with their music. It’s the Windwaker many will be accustomed to (they’ve still got those sweet, spacey moments), but now there are some tasty new flavours included. And that’s really fucking exciting to see, boding very well for where they’ll take their sound in the future.

By the time Will’s lower growls and modulated screams enter during the song’s closing heavy section, this is unarguably the rising Aussie outfit at their best. Right next to ‘New Infinite‘ and ‘Castaway‘, this is probably my favourite Windwaker song thus far. Also, in a manner of complete honesty here, I was actually sent this track and it’s a video a couple of months back. Yet I’ve had that huge “we’re falling further into nothingness (still breathing)” refrain stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. This is the band just starting to explore the unknown as things really ramp up for them, but doing so in a confident stride.

Speaking about the creation of the Melbourne crew’s new EP, ‘Empire‘, which arrives March 22nd, the group collectively wrote that:

Last year, we summoned the energy, focus and determination to produce our strongest release to date, and we did it. There is so much fear in taking a leap of faith, following the gut feeling to go DIY. Together, we wrote this release, mixed and mastered by our drummer, Chris Lalic. All 6 songs closely worked upon by all members of the band.

Despite this song’s carefree sound and goofy film clip (which I’d best describe as “beers, boys, and bashings”) there’s a darker theme running beneath the surface of ‘The Sitch‘. One of getting past struggles, taking on the fires of other’s pain, and of being at the heel of inner doubt and shitty situations, over and over until you finally break free. After all, it’s all in the lyrics, baby: “So take a part of me/Play the tape and put it on repeat/Take the pain and flip it onto me.

Get your Kim Possible on below with the Ben Anderson-shot video for ‘The Sitch‘ and stop second-guessing yourself. (Also, be on the lookout for a not-so-sneaky appearance from Melbourne mosh outfit, Advocates, towards the end.)

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