Osaka Punch enter the ‘Hall Of Shame’ with new track

Get utterly shameful with Osaka Punch’s latest. 

The only time in our lives that truly matters are those mundane moments between each new release from Brisbane’s Osaka Punch. As every single time this funky, weird yet highly loveable Australian prog four-piece drop something new onto our heated laps, it’s always a good time, to say the very least. That much applies to their new hip-shaking cut, ‘Hall Of Shame‘.

With thickened riffs and thundering grooves, sassy and eccentric vocal takes that rap, shift, stutter and soar, Osaka Punch weave in quirky synths and sweet vocal harmonies across this swirling tune. Making for another slick little track from the masterful Aussie prog-rock outfit. The Incubus vibes are still heavy and apt, yes, but Osaka Punch still knows how to churn up all of their influences up and give everything their own branded stamp. The same could be said of the ‘Death Monster Super Squad‘ EP and ‘How We Operate‘, and ‘Hall Of Shame‘ sits comfortably at the same table.

The EQ filtered, staccato guitars from Chrispy Town at 2:49 are just so sick and well-implemented, catching your ear nicely. Drummer Dane Pulvirenti is the perfect backbone for this band, dishing out air-tight grooves at every single point; a major part in why Osaka Punch’s sound is so goddamn infectious. Then there’s John Venables, whose vocal takes here are full of playful character and range. The guy is such a fantastic vocalist who deserves far more praise than what he gets, and his performance here cements that fact. Plus, the song’s single artwork looks like a little reference to a side character from the monster-roster of their previous EP’s larger theme and story.

In a recent statement, Chrispy also revealed the creative trajectory of the original song that would later become ‘Hall Of Shame‘ after some re-working, writing that:

We recorded the song at the same time as How We Operate, and shelved it (but not in the urban dictionary kind of way). After touring for a year it was time to release it, but we felt like it was missing something. It had the heavy aspect we were going for, but none of the quirk we like to inject into our music. Luckily we stumbled upon a funky ball of tits from outer space, squeezed out some funky milk, and drank it with a family pack of Anzac biscuits. We reworked it, re-tracked it, and remixed it, and the result is quite simply 4 minutes of pure Osaka Punch.

Take a walk of shame from the Osaka Punch household below, nerds. It’s anything but shameful!

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