Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes pull out the ‘Crowbar’ with new single

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes continue their honest & sonic evolution.

You know what? If Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes only ever stayed as a hardcore punk band, I probably wouldn’t like them as much as I do currently. Don’t get me wrong, their first full-length album, 2015’s musically and emotionally incendiary ‘Blossom‘, is still my personal favourite release of theirs. But if they only adhered to that rowdier, heavier laneway, than it would likely lose impact over time with more and more similar iterations coming out. Which is why I’m all about these British lads spreading their wings out into new realms for their sound upon each new release. That’s far more exciting and interesting than a band dropping the same record three times.

Enter their fresh and sharply-dressed new tune, ‘Crowbar‘. This short-lived but downright hooky number is all about taking the song’s titular piece of metal straight to those unfairly and spitefully bringing you down; dismantling their bullshit with a war-cry that basically says “fuck ’em”; to proverbially beat them to a bloody pulp and live life your own way. While it’s another new step in the sonic evolution of Frank Carter’s brand of alternative rock, it’s also still sticking true to the man’s “I’m just gonna do me” ethos as an artist. And I can really respect that! Frank has never minced his words nor performed or written for anyone else but himself, and that’s sure as shit not about to stop now.

The well-put-together track starts off with some electronic loops, before kicking into gear with some gloriously distorted fuzziness, Frank’s always sweet and soulful croon, and a killer chainsawing guitar riff, all before a brief yet fittingly noisy outro takes us on home. Here, the modern-day punk rock legend and his band of merry rattlesnakes push on further from where 2017’s excellent ‘Modern Ruin‘ left off in a neatly-fitted, organic way. In less than two-and-a-half-minutes, the group show off their well-written musical flourishes as well as their love for punk rock, just in a different way than what purist, ignorant fans may expect and hope for. Tough.

Anyway, I’m all about it, are you? New album ‘End Of Suffering‘ arrives May 3rd, 2019. Sink your fangs into ‘Crowbar‘ below:

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