Wreath announce ‘Silence Evermore’ LP, release ‘Cowards Will Crawl’

Another heavy taste from the Wreath cult!

After forming under the new banner of Wreath and releasing their debut single, ‘Revolutionary Suicide‘ – a sharpened, monstrous critique of modern day cults – I’ve been itching for more from this Sydney-based heavy hardcore act to sink my teeth into. Now, just this week, my wish was granted.

Culled from their upcoming debut full-length, ‘Silence Evermore‘, Wreath unleash a bone-crushing monster upon you with the hulking grooves, indomitable vocals, and skin-peeling riffage in the demented shape of ‘Cowards Will Crawl‘. Practically cutting off both your legs and demanding more from you, you worthless sack of shit, this uncompromising and blistering new track pummels you into the fuckin’ dirt. It’s three minutes of pissed-off, bitter-as-fuck hardcore, and I’m all about it.

Silence Evermore‘ will deploy it’s 11 tracks on March 15th, 2019 via EVP Recordings and Funerary Cult. Fans of Cursed Earth, Bitter Taste, Shackles, and Harm’s Way? Apply within and die like you deserve. Only cowards will say no.

Full disclosure: Wreath vocalist Joshua Clayton has written for KYS in the past. 

Wreath – ‘Silence Evermore’.

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