‘Thread My Lips’: Cast Down Drop Sick New Single

“Take it, break it, bring it back to me”.

Cast Down had a solid 2018, all up. It was a period that saw them tour nationally with Honest Crooks and Pridelands, among others, even nabbing the Triple J Unearthed support slot for Download Festival Melbourne – putting on an impressive set. Now, the Melbourne band has signed up with EVP Recordings (Wreath, Pagan, King ParrotPsycroptic), with a new EP slated for release in 2019. While their last release was 2017’s ‘Leatherman‘ single, these recent happenings mean that it’s now time for new music to finally arrive. And they’ve just dropped a track that solidifies exactly why they’ve been getting attention lately: ‘Thread My Lips‘.

Beginning with booming drums and percussive synths, this gnarly track builds with rising guitars and fittingly lethargic vocal calls of “thread my lips“, before a quick guitar turnaround sees the song shoot off. Kitted out with venomous vocal performances, crunchy tones, modulated guitars, and stomping rhythmic dives, ‘Thread My Lips‘ hits fucking hard. It shows that these guys love artists like Vein and Justice For The Damned, but older acts like The Chariot as well. Not that I’m complaining, though!

The best thing about ‘Thread My Lips‘ is how it blends together different sections and ideas, always feeling cohesive. It’s how it weaves in industrial elements with a well done, razor-sharp metallic hardcore sound. It’s how the track morphs into something darker halfway through, with spacier guitar arpeggios sifting away in the background over busier, ghost-noted snare work, clanking ride cymbal strikes, rumbling bass lines, and whispered vocals. And it’s how a great bridge section filled with violent feedback and electronic samples sleuths into a slower, dissonant, off-kilter breakdown. Right before Cast Down re-cast the line out with a tough-sounding cymbal choke/drum-fill combo before they return the intro’s synths as they briefly plunge the knife in once more. It’s good shit, quite frankly.

With ‘Thread My Lips‘ hitting airwaves on Wednesday night and storming digital fronts on Thursday this week, Cast Down vocalist Jack McDonald gave further insight into the track’s theme, sharing:

“‘Thread My Lips’ is about being in a position where I felt that doing the ‘right’ thing would cause more harm than good. It was a matter of sowing my lips shut and dealing with the rot in my gut instead of dealing with the pain of tearing them apart. Was the ‘right’ thing worth the cost? The answer was no.”

Catch Cast Down’s supporting the always wild No Zodiac this February. During that interim, shut your trap with the tortured sounds and flashy sci-fi visuals of ‘Thread My Lips‘ below:

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