We made No Trigger & Red City Radio interview one another, here’s the result

Later this month, Oklahoma punks Red City Radio (bottom) and Massachusetts melodic hardcore act No Trigger (top) are teaming up for a blazing run across Australia. So we got both bands to take turns interviewing one another for our own amusement. Is that a little lazy on our part? Yeah, probably! But is it something different and quirkier than the usual generic news content bands receive when they’re just about to tour Australia? Absolutely! After all, what could go wrong? Here are the results: 

Ryan from Red City Radio interviews No Trigger’s Tom C & Jon Strader.

RYAN: We have never been to Australia and looking forward to it. Since No Trigger has been before, what should we most look forward too? And what city/venue do you look forward to playing the most?

TOM C: I assume Tasmania since I’m planning on hunting for devils the whole fucking time.

JON STRADER: Very much Tasmania indeed. Plus we are also hitting Perth. We can look forward to these while sharing the awe together, cause we haven’t seen these cities yet either!

RYAN: The last time you took acid, what was the best part you can remember? Before you snapped out of your trip and realized you were crying/singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” outside in the rain, to your neighbour’s mailbox…

TOM: The entire time, Sir David Attenborough was narrating, but he was like a bizarro hellworld version of himself and was scaring the shit out of me. It was a fucked up trip! But I’m super fucked up, so I LOVED that.

JON: Dogs. Lots of dogs.

RYAN: Being in a punk band/rock band, in any band… we’re all standing on the shoulders of those who came before us that influenced our own sound and helped shape who we are. What bands, at an early age, were the first to give you confidence in the ideals and perspective in which you yourself were starting to view the world? Those bands that made you believe in everything you were feeling.

TOM: Holy shit… I idolize D4… So like… Maybe this question does not apply. Or maybe it does. I believe in whiskey and I always feel like a prick. So yeah, I guess, ya know what? This did apply.

JON: There was a band in our town we grew up in covering so much Green Day. That stemmed the roots. I wanted to play punk rock. Moving forward into Fat Wreck/Epitaph world helped paved the movement also. Strung Out, Blink, Rancid, Less than Jake, all played vital roles.

RYAN: Are you guys sports dudes? Is Ball, in fact, life? Go Thunder. Ryan likes the Padres.

TOM: Puck is life. Have you guys ever seen ice?

JON: I’m the most removed sports guy. I like Super Bowls though. We have some serious puck fans in our crew.

RYAN: Do you ever think about how when you brush your teeth, you’re literally brushing your skull?

TOM: Aww fuck, reading this, am I still on acid? Might need to revise my answer on #2 now.

JON: Who’s on acid here…

RYAN: Who in No Trigger is: the snacker, the snorer, the backseat driver, the “weed guy”, and the sweetheart.

TOM: Tom R – Wild Card/Party Pusher. Brad [bass] – Weeeeeeeeeeeeeed/Hunk. Strader [hot licks] – DJ/Worldwide Influencer. Jono [drumsticks]: Comedy/Cred. Me: Sobriety’s Arch Nemesis.

JON: Jon, definite snacker. The Snack King. Tom C, absolute snore machine. Jono can be the backseat driver full-filling all the necessary content and tour stories. Make sure to let Brad know when it’s time. Tom Ro is totally a sweetheart.

Tom from No Trigger interviews Ryan of Red City Radio.

TOM: What is the best skateboard trick that you can still land today? 

RYAN: The reverse siicky iicky 360 varial dark side face plant, bro.

TOM: Being in a band is definitely not a career path, it is just a subsidized hobby and a way to postpone the horrors of the real world. Discuss. 

RYAN: It really is. There is zero guarantee in rock and roll other than some of the coolest stories and experiences that money can’t buy. So long as you’re fully in it, the road is not a place to be uncommitted if it’s a path you choose. However, there is plenty of value to be found in developing a band with a real-world perspective that can enable it to grow and sustain. It takes a lot of work and persistence.

TOM: Have you guys been watching Jeopardy on Netflix? It’s goddamn perfect. It’s only the championship tournaments and there are no commercials. Follow up question: if you were on Jeopardy, what would be the best Final Jeopardy category to pop up for you to feel the most confident risking all your money because you know you’d nail it?

RYAN: What is 80’s Rock And Roll, Alex.

TOM: What do Australians call McDonald’s as slang?

RYAN: Macks BUR-Gahs, mate!

TOM: If you knew you were going to die in two weeks, but in your will you could pick one member in any other band on earth (who plays the same instrument as you) to take your place and they would HAVE to do it, who would it be and why is your answer Dave Grohl?

RYAN: Could it get any better than Dave Grohl? Steve Harris would be pretty friggin’ wicked though too. Or Prince, yeah Prince would be so smooth.

TOM: What was your Halloween costume in 1996? 

RYAN: Jack from Jack In The Box.

Catch Red City Radio & No Trigger, alongside local supports Idle Threat, all on tour this January. All dates & tickets below:

Wednesday, January 23
Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide – Tickets

Thursday, January 24
Amplifier, Perth – Tickets

Friday, January 25
Crowbar, Brisbane – Tickets

Saturday, January 26
Factory Floor, Sydney – Tickets

Sunday, January 27
Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle – Tickets

Wednesday, January 30
Transit Bar, Canberra – Tickets

Thursday, January 31
The Chippo Hotel, Sydney – Tickets
*Red City Radio only

Friday, February 1
Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

Saturday, February 2
The Reverence Hotel, Footscray – Tickets

Sunday, February 3
The Old Bar, Melbourne – Tickets
*Red City Radio only

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