WITCHROT RESURRECTION: Band share statement on “Also our drummer died” post

We are going to use this attention to our full potential.” 

Lately, there have been some hilarious music stories, namely the silliness and pettiness of Bad Omens‘ tour poster debacle, and of course, that of the insane fakeness behind Threatin – the latter truly being a laugh for the ages. However, there is another interesting story taking the heavy music world by storm lately, and that’s the tale of Witchrot. On November 26th, band member Peter Wturik made the following Facebook post that has since gone viral and reached every major heavy music news source around the world, originally stating that:

“Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist fucking my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus. I however will continue the band in another space and time, being ripe with hate the music is slowly flowing and without a doubt will become the most devastating, torturous music I have ever created. Thanks for the support, stay heavy – Peter

Also our drummer died…”

It was a frankly sad yet bizarre post that suddenly took a small time doom-metal/stoner-rock act from Europe to headlines and social media shares the world over. But it also left some big questions in the minds of many, namely: “Who the hell is Witchrot?” and “Did their drummer REALLY die?“. Now, in a statement made to us at KYS today, Peter explains all regarding the now famous/infamous status. Read on to find the truth regarding their line-up, their future, and the fate of their drummer below:

“The other Sunday I posted on Witchrots Facebook page that the band was taking a break. Two people I cared about stabbed me a trillion times in the heart with betrayal and that resentment scars like hell fire. It obviously left me feeling wretched. I always hate it when bands stop dead without any updates and I felt, well, might as well let the people know. After writing, I asked Simon, our drummer who quit a couple weeks prior (due to the fact that he has become increasingly busy drumming for Crazy Bones, Gloin, and Brenda) if that was a good idea. He said “yeah, but say I died, no one will give a shit”…… Clearly they did.

I am floored by the fact that this post received so much attention, considering we had only around 300 likes on Facebook when I wrote it. The amount of positive feedback people expressed, with regards to my situation along with the praise for our music, was touching to say the least. I thought maybe a couple people in Europe might care or “like” the post but instead it reached nearly every news source on the planet.

…….Fuckin eh.

At this point I am going to continue the band full force with Lea up front on vocals [both Lea and Peter are shown above in the header]. The both of us talked it over and I’m so happy that she is on board. She has that powerful voice that makes you feel small in her presence. Kind of carved out and hollow.

We are going to use this attention to our full potential. We booked studio time and also decided to recruit some friends to play Lee’s Palace [on] Dec 28. Of course, now we have big plans to tour extensively in the near future. No sense in waiting around, we have so many talented friends that can easily learn our songs in no time.

I’ve decided to switch to guitar, that way the guitar will finally sound the way it’s supposed to.”

Honestly? This is how you properly capitalise on the huge amount of interest and buzz generated when your band suddenly goes viral. Hopefully, the rest of the world takes real notice as Witchrot move beyond  this rare and strange instance, as new (and hateful) heavy music starts to flow out from their creative hands. And if you don’t know who this band is, well, find out below:

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