‘All Ready To Go’: Taking Back Sunday ring in 20th year with new single

20 years in, Taking Back Sunday are still going strong.

Formed back in 1999, and with six albums now under their collective belts, Taking Back Sunday haven’t been the new emo kids on the block for well over a decade, reaching a damn fine legacy status in recent years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that new material isn’t getting locked and loaded ready for release, as the group’s latest single, the bopping ‘All Ready To Go‘, shows.

Taken from their upcoming greatest hits compilation LP, ‘Twenty!‘ (out January 11th, which features another new cut called ‘A Song For Dan‘), ‘All Ready To Go‘ is a bit of column A and a bit of column B. My terrible Simpsons reference there meaning that it’s got an old and new TBS sound, feeling properly vintage in the process. It’s also damned catchy in the vocal and guitar melody department and is simply bursting with energy; proving that a band that’s been around for two decades isn’t feeling stale or stagnant just yet.

In a recent press release, vocalist Adam Lazzara reflected on their latest track, saying that:

“This song is a great example of how in tune we have become with one another, our collective musical instincts. It was an idea Mark and Shaun laid the bones down for in New York and then sent them down to Charlotte, where John and I continued to arrange and add our individual contributions. This made for a great demo and a fair amount of time for everyone to sit with it before we all were able to get in the studio together and hash out the different parts and details with one another. It sounds like a lot when I say it like that, but the process itself was a cohesive and relatively quick one. Having the space to live and breathe with the idea before all coming together to shape it, and knowing where we can lean on one another as the song progresses is both insightful and exciting to all of us. It’s one of my favourite parts of being in Taking Back Sunday.”

As someone’s who has been a huge fan of these guys for over ten years now, this new track sure feels nostalgic, yes, but never phoned-in or lazy. In fact, it just feels… right. Expect a new Taking Back Sunday record to drop in 2019 after the band finish touring ‘Tell All Your Friends‘ (2002), ‘Where You Want To Be‘(2004) and ‘Louder Now‘ (2006) around Australian next month. Get ready to go below:

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