Maximum The Hormone: insane as ever on ‘これからの麺カタコッテリの話をしよう’

Thank god for Maximum The Hormone! 

A new Maximum The Hormone track is always a cause for celebration, as few acts in the world are as batshit crazy musically as this Japanese band are. Their most recent sonic bombardment, ‘これからの麺カタコッテリの話をしよう‘ – ‘Let’s talk about future noodles catacotti‘ in English – is as much of a journey as their explosive music regularly tends to be. As the best way to describe the group’s latest track would be to label it simply as: “Maximum The Hormone Core”. For this eclectic and furious metal quartet exists within their own inane musical world more often than not – one where genre changes happen before you can even tell what the fuck is going on and where the unexpected truly thrives – and that’s what makes them such an exciting act.

Those heavy alt-metal riffs and groovy, head-banging inducing sections? Check. The rapid array of various clean and harsh vocal styles being switched up between feral frontman Daisuke Tsuda and that of guitarist/songwriter Ryo Kawakita? No doubt. Futoshi Uehara’s fun and punchy funk-metal bass playing? For sure. Drummer Nao Kawakita’s stop-start rhythms and lurching beats? Oh yeah! The song’s sudden drops into these short-lived yet busy, dissonant grind moments? Yup. The odd cutesy, bright J-pop section showing up? Why the bloody hell not!? This is classic Maximum The Hormone, and it’s still as thrilling as ever.

As for the song’s name and overall meaning, an English translation of its music video’s description reads as such:

“Maximum the Ryokun [guitars] was diagnosed as complication of lifestyle-related diseases and warned that he was going to die if he wouldn’t change his lifestyle by a medical doctor. So Maximum the Ryokun started diet and exercise, lost weight and got well.

Fans were totally shocked by his lean body and have been complaining “We liked him FAAAAAT!!” Yes, this is the answer song to such fans. 

What does the subtitle which is the same as the title of the next release item mean? This song was composed as ‘Part II’ of the song, “Maximum the Hormone” released 7 and a half years ago. 

How will the next stage of MTH who have had the belief of ‘Menkata Cottelee’ be?! Will head banging and growling be unsealed?! Maximum the Hormone 2nd brand new music video dedicated to all the gouty people (calorie mates)! Eat it with your eyes and ears!!”

Well, that would explain this video’s heavy emphasis on food props and lyrical metaphors of dishes and gluttony, as well as the clip’s outro where the four-piece are just hanging out together, eating some noodles. Be sure to check out Maximum The Hormone’s previous single, the ’90s melodic skate-punk flavour of ‘Haikei VAP-dono‘ (Japanese for ‘Dear Sirs, VAP‘), and then go take a deliriously wild musical trip below:

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