Song Premiere: Spectral Fires – ‘Before You Leave’

Spectral Fires embrace desperation with ‘Before You Leave’.

To be quite honest, I don’t think the world needs more melodic hardcore bands like what Spectral Fires were doing on their last EP, ‘Wayfarer‘, and it seems that this Melbourne outfit has thought the same. As much like their previous single, the resonating finger-pointer of ‘Just A Mirage‘, it’s clear that Spectral Fires are cultivating better hooks, growing as a band and as people, and are trying to not let themselves get stuck within such a small box. In this sense, newest single ‘Before You Leave‘, taken from forthcoming EP, ‘Turn Toward the Sun‘ (out December 7th) is another solid step in the right musical direction for these Australian lads.

Guitarists Harry and Jonah Pratt have clearly been working harder on their riffs and melodies, as their guitar work here is so much more on-point and interesting with this catchy-as-hell new track. On top of that, they’ve both gotten better with their backing vocal arrangements too, namely how their cleaner vocal styles nicely compliment and bounce-off Jack Jeffree’s Aussie-tinged screams of personal desperation and isolated feelings that lead this track’s heartfelt, belting choruses. Furthermore, Lachlan and Daniel Cooper – the band’s drummer and bassist respectively (man, this really is a band of brothers) – are getting tighter and more in-sync with each other too, making Spectral Fires‘ energy and syncopated instrumentals hit even harder. Look, ‘Before You Leave‘ just rocks out hard, okay?

Honestly, it’s just great to watch a young local act like this evolve and develop better right before your very eyes. So if you don’t mind some Occa harsh vocals in your alternative melodic punk soup, and are looking for a comforting track for when it feels like the world is conspiring against you, you should hopefully be all about new Spectral Fires. Don’t leave and stick around below:

Catch Spectral Fires launching ‘Turn Toward The Sun’ at Melbourne’s Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar on Friday, December 14th.

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