Thy Art Is Murder Release New Song, ‘Death Perception’

Thy Art Is Murder quench fans’ thirst for new music with ‘Dear Desolation’ B-side, ‘Death Perception’. 

Thy Art Is Murder’s last record, 2017’s ‘Dear Desolation‘ is 15 months old, and now that it’s surpassed its first birthday, the band are filling in time and quenching fans’ thirst for new material with ‘Death Perception‘. (And no, it’s sadly not this.) A B-side track to their latest LP, I think it’s quite apparent how this song’s tone and atmosphere was perfectly fitting for ‘Dear Desolation‘, but also why it was left off the final record. As it simply just sounds like more Thy Art Is Murder; not being anything all that special either. I suppose if this is all someone wanted from the band and only listen to deathcore like this, then this new track is probably an early Christmas for some people out there. However, it is not without merit!

This is definitely a more deathcore-orientated track than a pure death metal song, but that’s not a bad thing. At two minutes and thirty five seconds long, it’s on the shorter side of Thy Art’s usual composition length. Because of this, it crams in pretty much all of the band’s song-writing aspects in no time flat. From the intro’s racing blast beats, the brief yet flashy guitar solo halfway through, CJ McMahon’s typical vocal patterns, lyrics about burning bibles, and the song’s two major breakdowns. All with producer/engineer Will Putney’s production work layered over the top. Again, it’s all very by the numbers for the Aussie metallers.

Although, the latter element – the breakdowns – is actually where the song really shines in execution and pacing. Namely, when the last third of the song arrives via those razor-sharp cymbal chokes and guitar strikes, then leading into one of the better Thy Art breakdowns of recent memory. Seriously, this final passage is easily one of the group’s heaviest, mosh-able sections of music since the days of ‘Hate‘. It may very well be silly of me to label a breakdown in a deathcore song like this as “spacious” or “atmospheric”, yet that’s the only way I can put it! The songs outro properly feels like that’s what the rest of the piece was building up towards, by far the best part of the entire release too.

I have no doubt in my mind that Thy Art are currently toiling away with Putney to create the follow-up to last year’s fourth LP. Yet here’s hoping that they’ll cook up at least a surprise or two whilst putting the pieces of their next death metal/deathcore puzzle together. God knows that something else is needed at this stage. In the mean time, while it won’t kill-off any of your perceptions on this band’s sound, you can check out ‘Death Perception‘ below:

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