Emarosa Mix It Up With Alt-Pop & Horns On New Single, ‘Givin’ Up’

New Emarosa is the change-up we needed. 

Emarosa came from the post-hardcore scene of the late 2000s and up until recently, that’s where they’ve stayed as one of the genre’s best modern acts. Hooky, well-written and passionate tunes like ‘Cloud 9‘, ‘Helpless‘, ‘People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play‘, and ‘A Toast To Future Kids‘ are proof of this fact and the band’s importance. Which is perhaps why we’ve been seeing Emarosa slowly going in lighter, poppier directions over the years. After all, they’ve already shown what they can do, so why the hell should they rest on the same ol’ tired laurels? Exactly, that would be one boring existence.

Enter the fun hotness of ‘Givin’ Up‘, taken from the band’s next album, ‘Peach Club‘, due out February 8th 2019 via Hopeless Records. This new jam isn’t just the definition of sexy, it might just be one of the bravest and catchiest songs of the band’s entire career. Robert Joffred’s hard groovin’ bass lines, ER White and Matthew Marcellus’s cleaner guitar tones, the massive drum mix, those elevating horns, to how Bradley Walden’s voice is still as crisp, as controlled and as lush as ever; this tasty new track has so much going on for it. There’s even a goddamn saxophone solo here! And that uplifting refrain? Mercy me, that thing is bloody HUGE.

This is a fresh, exciting song that will separate the plebs who just want a band to do what they’ve always done from listeners who actually appreciate musical growth. No, not just a change in the sound, but an actual growth. For this is a natural move forward for Emarosa; not a forced mix-up for the sheer sake of it and one they’ve maybe been heading towards for some time if you read between the lines of recent records. (For instance, Bradley has said he loves artists like MJ and Prince so this new song’s Maroon5-meets-BrunoMars flavour isn’t totally surprising). And the results really do speak for themselves across the killer three minutes of ‘Givin’ Up‘.

You either die the same-old post-hardcore band or you live long enough to see yourself evolve and write some in-fucking-credible horn-driven alternative pop. Like many, I have a lot of love for older Emarosa, but I’m all about this latest cut. Get funky with ‘Givin’ Up‘ and its well-choreographed, softened blue-pink aesthetic music video below:

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  1. imCooper

    The chorus in this song kills!! Also loving the bassline and the horns. I’m sure there are some older fans are shitting their pants in a fit of rage, but this is a breath of fresh air for me! I agree that this was extremely brave, mad props to these guys to committing to this evolution.

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