Diamond Construct: Sign With Greyscale Records, Release ‘Submerged’

Taree’s Diamond Construct coming in hot today with a new label & a new single.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “wow, that cover for Diamond Construct’s new song looks exactly like the cover of AFI’s last album“. And you’re right, but let’s not get too hung up on the details, shall we? Because Diamond Construct just dropped a fire-sparking tune with the hot four minutes of ‘Submerged‘, released via their new label home, Greyscale Records.

Pumping djent riffs, massive grooves, crunchy breakdowns, glistening background atmospherics, smoothed-out production, and Adam Kilpatrick’s tectonic, tight-as-fuck drumming create a really solid foundation. All allowing vocalist Kyan Groundwater to offer gripping, emotionally-charged screams which lyrically capture that slow, depressing sinking feeling. Tough moments when there’s a choking quicksand of negativity and inner-doubt holding one back; when it’s time to either sink or swim and understand that you cannot drown in the hopes of striving to always be perfect. So, you have a heavy new song to express heavy personal feelings of inadequacy, accepting flaws and one asking for help to be pulled out of a deep, dark rut? Just hook it into my fuckin’ veins already!

Obvious comparisons to Architects, Stories and a whole host of other prog-metal and metalcore bands are obvious yet also accurate here with this song. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t a decent new cut from the young Taree lads. Much like their previous single, ‘Paradox‘, this latest song resides within a familiar territory for the band but also shows the NSW group tightening the screws on said sound. In any case, expect a new EP or even a debut album from these guys to drop sometime in 2019. (The WAV file download I was sent by their label had ‘Submerged‘ listed as track four, so now I’m all kinds of excited to see what they have in store).

Submerge yourself in the latest prog-metalcore sounds of Diamond Construct below, and then catch them live on these dates with Alpha Wolf and Justice For The Damned.

Diamond Construct, 2018. PC: Art House Media. 

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