Get Into The Halloween Mood With Gerard Way’s ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’

I could listen to Gerard Way sing all day. 

Released last week in the build-up to Halloween, Gerard Way has given fans everything something to sink their hungry fangs into with his new single, ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House‘; a commentary about love and our inner “horror movies” that affect our current relationships. The track itself – helped along by his brother, bassist Mikey Way – is a hooky, distorted, fuzzy, Brit-pop flavoured track with thick guitars and Gerard’s signature singing voice. Sounding very much like the solid kind that made Gerard’s solo album, 2014’s ‘Hesitant Alien‘, such a consistent and fun listen during those bittersweet post-MCR days with great cuts like ‘Action Cat‘ and ‘No Shows‘.

Getting right into the spirit of Spooktober, Gerard and his backing band are all donned in black suits and ties with skull masks for the film clip. Along with the video’s Russian subtitles and it’s grimy VHS aesthetic, it’s presented like an old late night T.V. shows musical performance that caps off the episode. With the song’s music video hitting over a million views already, Gerard actually took to his social media to talk about the video’s creation and the people that he collaborated with, writing:

“We wanted to do something a little more special than a standard lyric video for this, so I wrote a brief treatment and sent it over to Devin Sarno at Warner Bros Records. Devin has been helping me make videos since I’m Not Ok, when we collaborated with Marc Webb, and has always been so great about making the artist’s vision the most important thing, really helping bring it to life. And I knew I wanted Claire Vogel to shoot it, as she is a brilliant director. Claire is someone who worked with MCR on the Danger Days videos and I was eager for another chance to work with her. So we sent her the treatment and she went and made it! Gathering all the costumes, and some friends who knew how to play instruments, she shot the whole thing. It came out even better than it was in my head when Mikey Way gave me the idea. When he was recording bass for the song, he said that he could picture a video like one of those old monster cartoons from the 60’s of musicians toe-tapping and Beatle-bopping to the song. And I thought we should make that happen! Albeit, less of a black and white 60’s tv show and more of an old Russian tv show.”

If ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House‘ is the only slice of new material we see from Gerard Way in 2018, then that’s totally fine by me! As this catchy new song has been stuck inside my own haunted mansion (i.e. stuck inside my head) since I first heard it. Seriously, I could just listen to this man sing all day long. And look, My Chemical Romance are never getting back together, but the musical releases that we’ve seen come from the band’s members after the break-up (especially Frank Iero’s work) have all been pretty goddamn solid. Can’t ask for much more of that, I don’t think. Check out the best non-official Scooby-Doo chase theme below:

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