Jinjer Explode With Newest Single, ‘Ape’

Jinjer goes harder than your band ever will. 

Ukraine’s Jinjer have been gaining a lot of traction lately, partly due to the huge love and attention that their stunning live playthrough of ‘Pisces‘ has been getting since its release last year in March; racking up a massive 10 million plus views. Which is fucking nuts when you think about it given the kind of music they write and the scene that they’re from. However, this success, of course, has since put many new eyes and ears onto what the Ukranian four-piece does next. Yet they’ve nailed that massive expectation with the full-on nature of their newest single, the monstrous ‘Ape‘.

This latest track is a grim look at the human species and how we consume, rape and pillage the Earth’s resources for our own endless, voracious appetites; about how it should be a shame for us “to wear the name of a ‘human being’” and about how our supposed creator(s) would look upon our actions with complete disgust. ‘Ape‘ starts at ten and stays at that intensive high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. It weaves through many different places in terms of musical extremity and melodic structure; from textured, soaring post-metal moments to stomping, djenty, groove/prog-metal sections. It’s not as tempered or as delicate as the aforementioned ‘Pisces‘, ‘I Speak Astronomy‘, and ‘Bad Wolves‘ were at times, but that’s no bad thing. As this new piece from Jinjer has its own energy, its own pacing, and its own weight behind it.

Vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk brings her A-game here, with brief moments showing off her strong mezzo-soprano range and higher clean singing; all nicely wrapped around her brutal growls and barking screams that have as much venom and power as ever before. The sheer dynamic and strength she wields between both vocal styles is just incredible, as the frontwoman puts so many of her contemporaries – of any other gender or metal sub-genre – to utter shame. Yet despite what most comments on YouTube and social media seem to only ever discuss, Jinjer isn’t solely Tatiana; as truly talented as she is.

Guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov brings his usually intricate Drop A riffage to the chaotic fray, and it’s as tasty as ever. Drummer Vladislav Ulasevich shows-off his technicality throughout, whilst playing with the bunt of his drumsticks instead of the tips for that extra bit of impact. From his solid footwork, subtle ghost notes, well-placed accents, to those short yet rapid blast beats, the guy performs so fuckin’ well, really playing for the song too. Vlad is a huge reason as to why Jinjer’s rhythmic complexity is as good as it is, and I’m so glad he’s stayed in the band, as Jinjer tends to go through drummers really quickly. Also in the rhythm section is five-string bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov, who continues to write some of the thickest grooves and utilise the punchiest tones in modern metal right now; big thumb slaps, quick finger work, and all. I cannot stress enough how this band really is the full package for metal music in 2018.

Ape‘ comes off the group’s forthcoming ‘Micro‘ EP, which will hopefully land before the year is out via Napalm Records. Quench your appetite for more from this power-house act with their crazed new track and flashy music video below:

Header PC: Lina Glasir (find more of her great photo work here).

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