Architects Release New Documentary, ‘Holy Ghost’

‘Holy Ghost’ is a moving watch regarding where Architects have been, & where they’re going now on the cusp of ‘Holy Hell’. 

Ahead of the release of their newest record, ‘Holy Hell‘, Architects have released a moving new documentary called Holy Ghost; a 22-minute awe-inspiring watch that brings fans right into their world over the last year and a half.

Directed by Tom Welsh, Holy Ghost – a title almost beckoning and reflecting the name of their new record – is an incredibly well-produced and highly emotional watch. Mainly focusing on how this new album – written about and dedicated in loving memory to Tom Searle – has engulfed the band’s life over the last year or so. As well as the heavy feelings and thoughts that come with that.

It touches upon the band writing and producing what will now be their eighth album, getting ready for their massive Alexandra Palace headline gig earlier this year, and how new guitarist Josh Middleton entered the band’s dynamic and helped them arrange and cut down material for their next release. The doco also addresses how the band handled the death of Tom but also how much they’ve learned from the passed over guitarist and his songwriting over the years; how they now feel protective of his work and legacy; and how they aim to keep forging onward now in honour of his work and to take their band to newer, greater heights.

Look, I could write plenty more words about this, but it wouldn’t do it justice. So I’ll let you experience it for yourself below. ‘Holy Hell‘ drops November 9th via UNFD. Read more about the album here.

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