Video Premiere: Loose End Chase Childhood Dreams In ‘Jordan Street’

When you grow up, your heart dies. 

With great tones, smooth production, dynamic guitar work, and busied bass lines, Loose End have put forward a passionate pop-punk tune in the emotive shape of ‘Jordan Street‘. It’s a song that feels so much more genuine than the usual offerings we see from this genre, both here and abroad. While the track’s huge choruses retain that hooky, finger-pointing quality of other bigger bands like Knuckle Puck and State Champs, Loose End aren’t here to just retread tired topics or touch upon the same ol’ lyrical cliches in the process. Which is what makes this song stick out.

Lyrically, ‘Jordan Street‘ talks about dreams that fueled our younger minds, but dreams that now may have been piped over as we matured. It’s about that crossroads where some choose to put it all on black for their dreams, whereas others might take a different, perhaps more pragmatic route for their own life. It’s also a rather self-aware track too, talking about how this musical journey of theirs is the “Same chords, same words all over again“, and how vocalist Ben Smalley muses “No gives a fuck what I wanna write about“. Yet he still puts it all down into this new Loose End song for his own closure, for his own sense of clarity. And I can really respect that kind of honesty. Ben also opened up to us more about this dream-chasing piece, and the nostalgia behind its name, writing that:

“Like everyone I have my days where I hang over my head. I have the sleepless nights where I feel alone and ridiculous. The mornings in the car and worry about my dignity and if I’ll have any left if I fail. When I was in early high school I use to play in a band called Geroff and we practiced at our drummer’s childhood home on Jordan Street. Maybe it is the nostalgia, but they seemed to be simpler times.”

The music video for ‘Jordan Street‘, directed by Aidan Rice, is also fittingly bittersweet; about childhood aspirations and pipe dreams; striving for what you want you in life but also having that doubt creep in too. More specifically, this video jumps back and forth between the main character when he’s a child and then when he’s an adult, his dreams of being an astronaut really becoming his one and only focus in life. And while he strives to achieve and settle into that role as a man, it’s clear that isolation has been born out striving for that life-long goal and it’s apparent that our spaceman is maybe not as happy as he had once envisioned; all as he reflects down memory lane why he wanted this all in the first place.

Thankfully, and I do intend this pun, this song and its music video don’t at all burn up on re-entry. On the contrary, it lyrically and musically lands confidently and safely back on solid ground.

Loose End are currently tinkering away and finishing off their new EP, ‘Overthinking Everything I Know‘ (a name borrowed from the lyrics of ‘Jordan Street‘). This second release from the Melbourne group was recorded with Christopher Vernon of Belle Haven and Better Half and it releases Friday, November 30th. In the meantime, catch Loose End debuting this new track on Friday, October 12th, at the Royal Melbourne Hotel and check out ‘Jordan Street‘ below;

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