Premiere: Bitter Taste Search For An End From Pain With ‘Take Me Away’

Bitter Taste prove they’re one of the best new acts in Aussie hardcore. 

Come October 19th, Perth’s Bitter Taste will be embracing emotional lows, bitterness, soul-searching, and nihilism with their newest EP, ‘The Void‘. The first track untethered from this latest EP was the noisy, mighty rumblings of ‘Hopeless‘ just a couple weeks back, which also guest featured Honest Crooks frontman, Jerry Chard. As you can expect, it was monstrous, darkened heavy hardcore that didn’t pull any punches. If anything, it dolled them out with pure venom and violent aggression. The very same can be said for the Western Australian group’s latest single, ‘Take Me Away‘, one powerful statement in of itself.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cody Brooks, ‘crushing’ doesn’t even begin to describe the sound and weight of ‘Take Me Away‘. Everything about this track is not only suffocating in its gloomy atmosphere and tone, but it’s just so beefy too. It doesn’t take any fuckin’ prisoners. The buzzing, chainsawing HM-2 riffs slam back and forth, as does Callum Walters‘ tectonic drum hits that strike hard alongside thick bass work and indomitable vocal performances that could move mountains with ease. One thing I loved about this band’s 2017 demo was just how massive it sounded, and now with some added polish behind it all, Bitter Taste sound absolutely immense!

Take Me Away‘, thematically, is about how we often just live to exist, pushing all that existential sorrow beneath the surface for it to fester and grow within ourselves. It’s about suppressing that self-hatred and cowardice until it finally explodes, leaving you wanting for any kind of escape, as fleeting thought take you over. It’s a dire, heavy theme perfectly matched with beastly, bleak hardcore that demands your mental attention just as much as it does your moshing physicality.

The Void‘ opens October 19th via Best Wishes Records. Check out the grainy James Kilian shot video for ‘Take Me Away‘ below:

Bitter Taste, 2018.

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