Crazy Eighty Eight Cover We Came As Romans In Honour Of Kyle Pavone

Crazy Eighty Eight honour the memory of Kyle Pavone.

Crazy Eighty Eight – vocalist Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial), guitarist/songwriter Jarrod Alonge, and bassist Patty Walters (As It Is) – first gained traction by uploading some really solid covers. Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Halsey, 30 Seconds To Mars; the band captured the varied original material of these artists they loved and gave them all their own polished, 2000’s metalcore/post-hardcore makeover. All with some impressive results!

As Jarrod told me in an interview earlier this year, they plan to make more cover EPs over time as it helps to keep things fresh and fun for the group’s output. However, their latest cover song comes with some much added heavier weight and tone to it. With their debut album’s writing and recording having all being wrapped up and now getting mastered, the trio had spare time to pay tribute to a We Came As Romans staple in the wake of co-vocalist Kyle Pavone passing away. Kyle, 28, sadly died back in August from a reported accidental drug overdose; with the outpouring of support for his bandmates, friends and family ever since news first broke of his death being immense and loving.

Kyle Pavone.

I’ve personally never been a fan of ‘To Plant A Seed‘ or We Came As Romans in general, yet their music touched a lot of people’s hearts and meant a lot to fans in one way or another. They’ve always had a positive message in their music and I could appreciate that part, at the very least. With this release, this is a well-meaning and solid rendition on Crazy Eighty Eight’s part towards the work of a peer and honouring his art. In fact, with most Crazy Eighty Eight cover releases, the songs are coupled with visuals of the band “playing” through the track, but not this time. A static image with the blue ‘To Plant A Seed‘ album theme is all you see, making sure that the intent of this cover – and the person behind the original music – is kept square in people’s minds.

On top of that, in Crazy Eighty Eight just being fucking legends, they ‘re also donating 100% of any digital profits netted from this new cover toward The Kyle Pavone Foundation, a charity set up following the singer’s death to help struggling musicians with addiction and mental health issues. It’s a thoughtful, well-done cover raising awareness of a noble cause, and I can get behind that. Check out the full cover below:

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