Premiere: He Danced Ivy – ‘Spitting On Infinity’

This new He Danced Ivy track is the weirdest but also the best thing you’ll hear all damn day. 

In a word, ‘Spitting On Infinity‘ is wild. In another, it’s fucking insane! The three-and-a-half-minutes of ‘Spitting On Infinity‘ is a chaotic mixture of varying influences; like all four members of He Danced Ivy came from four other different bands with four very different tastes in music. Much like their last single, ‘Guillotines‘, this is an absolute melting pot of sounds and ideas. Yet that’s what makes it so intriguing, so gripping, and why I also loved it upon my first, second and even tenth listen. Vocals and instrumentals skirt upward, downwards and all around a host of tones and sections; ranging from rapid post-hardcore madness, prime Triple J-friendly rock hooks, fun and thick guitar riffage, to all manner of other heavier moments and more eccentric qualities as well.

Fun fact: this new track was partly recorded during a Saturday night when the Brisbane group gathered very best mates in a Fortitude Valley parking lot to smash out the song’s choir element. (You can actually hear the laughter and disorganization of the band trying to wrangle over two dozen friends together at the song’s end too, as a nice little touch left in). “We gathered 25 of our closest friends and crammed them into an outdoor carpark to record the big last chorus group vocals. I don’t know how we didn’t get shut down, but listening back to our wild carpark-choir is easily one of our greatest memories,” recalls bassist and “angry vocalist” Mitch.

Musical theatrics and DIY parking-lot recordings aside, He Danced Ivy do inject some narrative behind the bizarre qualities of their sound. But I’ll let them best explain the story beneath this new songs surface. “The song tells this story of this narcissist that’s in a relationship that’s falling apart. All the classic culprits are there; in-law drama, compartmentalized emotions, backstabbing, and the false hope that things will get better. Each feeling is painted with equal parts with and sleaze as the narcissist loses all care for subtlety. They begin to revel in the opportunity to lie, cheat, and steal; hell with the consequences. They’re finished, all that’s left is to spit on infinity and piss on the sun,” said the band in a joint statement to us about this fresh cut’s biting lyrical content.

So, in conclusion, pairing this theme of a messy bender with spasmodic instrumentals and vocal performances, ones that will net the group plenty of Mars Volta and At The Drive-In references, ‘Spitting On Infinity‘ is an utter rollercoaster of a track. It’s weird, it’s different, it’s loud, it’s fun, and most importantly, it’s He Danced Ivy. Spit upon the infinite and piss on the sun below:

To celebrate the release of ‘Spitting On Infinity’, He Danced Ivy will be taking to the stage with Polyphia and Intervals on Monday, September 24th.

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