The Comfort Reveal Debut Album, ‘What It Is To Be’

To be or not to be…

The Comfort’s last EP, 2016’s ‘Love‘ – which we spoke very highly of at the time – proved that the Brisbane quartet had passion and songwriting chops far beyond their years. Then, back in January of 2018, the Queensland band came out swinging for the new year with stand-alone single ‘Meseda‘; a solid bridge between their past EP’s and what will soon be upon us – ‘What It Is To Be‘.

The band’s upcoming debut LP lands on November 9th and has been a long time coming but the stars are all aligning for the group now. With new-label-home Greyscale Records behind them, The Comfort have this week released their forthcoming record’s second track, ‘Dissolve‘. Instantly, you can tell this is a level up for the Brisbane alt-rock/post-hardcore act, and a massive one at that! It’s a track touching on themes about the human condition; of permanence or a lack thereof; finding out how similar our experiences are; that we aren’t alone; and then embracing all of that commonality for the better. Lyrically, it’s as well-written, as poetic, and as thoughtful as you’d expect from The Comfort.

Dissolve‘ genuinely gets better with each consecutive listen, as you unravel more of its winding tethers, and not through some weird Stockholm Syndrome type experience. Melodic beauty, lush textures, large spacey vibes, strong instrumental layers, churning basslines and wonderful vocal arrangements and harmonies collide to make a mesmerizing piece that still sounds like The Comfort, just now much more refined. Aside from ‘Your Heart‘, this is by far my favourite Comfort track yet! Dissolve into the swirling ether with this moody, atmospheric new song below:

The Comfort – ‘What It Is To Be’ tracklisting:

1. Heavy Heart
2. Dissolve
3. Misery
4. Reach Out
5. Futures
6. Always Tired
7. Die Alone
8. Solus
9. Breathe
10. Sanctuary (La Búsqueda Del Espíritu)

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