Resist The Thought Worship Metalcore Of Old With ‘Awakened Salvation’

Sadly not a fan of this new Resist The Thought track. 

Back in January, Sydney’s Resist The Thought re-lit their once-dead fires with ‘Set Me Free‘. It was a solid comeback track that showed love and acknowledgment for what grounds they’d sonically traversed before; slightly updated their sound for where the scene had moved in recent years; even adding in tasteful clean vocal parts too. Skip forward to just this week and the revived Aussie deathcore/metalcore act are further getting back in the saddle with their latest cut, ‘Awakened Salvation‘. And man… I’m personally not a fan at all.

Firstly, ‘Set Me Free‘ merged both old and new Resist The Thought sounds to a much better degree, in my mind. As here, I’m not super into the choruses nor the clean vocal delivery either. (The whole “we live in a society” style lyrics don’t really help matters either). Yet there’s a bigger issue here, I feel, and that’s that ‘Awakened Salvation‘ is basically just ‘An Ocean Between Us‘ era As I Lay Dying. For real, the As I Lay Dying worship in this new song is pretty goddamn extensive; from the overall song format, the general vibe and pacing, the vocal phrasing, the riffs, the melodies – the list just goes on. Even with the typical Resist The Thought deathcore breakdown that closes out the piece, it still just feels horribly dated. For a lot of people, hearing that past metalcore/deathcore sound from ten years ago getting remade in 2018 will be a massive plus. As for yours truly, though, this just seems like a regression rather than any kind of progression. (This is still peak RTT).

In any case, I’m still interested to see what the reformed Aussie metallers will do next. Of course, your own mileage with ‘Awakened Salvation‘ may vary. Find out how much by below:

Resist The Thought, 2018. PC: Josh Concepcion.

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