‘As The Kingdom Drowns’: Tasmania’s Psycroptic Announce New Record

The Tasmanian tech-death terrors are back. 

Y’know, I’ve never been to Tasmania. As I’ve been told by friends over the years, it’s an incredibly scenic if a somewhat depressing place to live in or trek across for a few days travel. Landscapes and friendly anecdotes aside, Tasmania always gets a solid spot at the Australian heavy music roundhouse table due to the output of one key band: Psycroptic.

The Tassie tech-death four-piece – made up of drummer Dave Haley, guitarist Joe Haley, vocalist Jason Peppiatt, and bassist Todd Stern  – are now gearing up for a brand new record release. This forthcoming LP is the menacing ‘As The Kingdom Drowns‘ (which drops November 9th via EVP Recordings); the mammoth creature that dons the album’s front cover hangs over the surroundings like an oppressive wilderness looming over small remnants of civilization. Indicative of the seismic death metal songs that will no doubt be housed within the record.

Of course, November’s still a while off just yet. Thankfully, the quartet has put out a solid foot forward today by releasing the LP’s opening song, ‘We Were The Keepers‘. Savage blast beats, swirling backing atmospherics, brutal guitar riffs, and Jason’s classic guttural screams commanding the assault; this latest single is just pure, unadulterated Psycroptic through and through. There’s also some really well-implemented angelic female vocals in the mix just pass the halfway mark that lends the track a symphonic edge; all right before an incredibly tight and syncopated breakdown that makes me all kinds of moist.

Check out the blissful heaviness of ‘We Were The Keepers‘ below:

I love this artwork. Has some incredible Mariusz Lewandowski vibes.

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