Aburden Announce New EP, ‘The Last Goodbye’, Share New Single ‘One For You’

Aburden continues to grow better with each new release. 

While I enjoyed the first offerings from Melbourne’s Aburden – their debut single ‘Face To Face‘ and first EP ‘My Old Friend‘ (2017) – there was always something that held me back about their sound. My personal hindrance with said releases was that they weren’t so much an Aburden creation as they were the artists that Aburden – as people and musicians – loved and listened to. Clear as day influences from bands such as Casey, Being As An Ocean, Hotel Books, and so on; artists that all seemed to take larger shape in the band’s music rather than the Australian group’s own style and approach.

However, just as February’s soaring ‘To The Sky‘ confidently showed, the up-and-coming Greyscale Records act are really coming out of their shells with their newest material. As evident by their latest glimpse, the massive and emotive sounds of ‘One For You‘; a powerful new single culled from Aburden’s upcoming second EP, ‘The Last Goodbye‘, which lands on October 12th. With driving percussion, atmospheric guitar layers, soulful alt-rock moments, passionate screams from frontman/pianist Mason Forster, and with some truly gripping melodic hardcore aspects, Aburden sound bigger and better than ever before on ‘One For You‘. Everything is just so much more sonically defined here. In short, just like ‘To The Sky‘, the band feels and sounds so much more like themselves. And that’s genuinely exciting. I’m fully on-board with what they’re putting down now!

Just as ever with this band, this new track is an emotionally palatable ride. As ‘One For You‘ lyrically taps into the idea that it’s okay to not be okay whilst being open and forthright about mental illness and one’s own personal struggles with loss – in any form. In a similar vein, the title of the band’s new EP comes from multiple perspectives; bidding farewell to identity, depression, grief, relationships, people, and even certain elements of your own life. It’s personal growth, directly embodied into the very moniker and (hopefully) the music and lyricism of this new release.

As guitarist/clean singer Kyle Burrows (who’s playing and vocal delivery continues to improve upon each new song) stated recently, Aburden’s new EP was inspired by and dedicated to the memory of his grandfather, who sadly passed away in December 2016. Which is actually reflected in the EP’s artwork. (You can find that below the drop). The front cover of ‘The Last Goodbye‘ shows a picture of Kyle’s grandfather helping him walk at his naming day as a child. It’s a photograph that the guitarist and singer felt best summed who his Pa was: a helpful and inspiring guiding light throughout Kyle’s and other people’s lives. Kyle also had this to share regarding the story behind the band’s new EP and its artwork, saying that:

“I’m so grateful that I was able to use this photo for the artwork, I want to thank the boys for letting me have the opportunity to be able to give my Grandfather this. He deserves so much more but I individually dedicate this EP to him and to my family who have all still been finding it hard to deal with his passing. I dedicate this EP to everyone who has lost someone or feel they have lost themselves. It’s okay not to be okay in times of grief and mental struggle. We are all human and grief is apart of us and how we grow. No one dies because they live on in our memory, and I’m going to make sure that my Grandfather is never ever forgotten. Goodbye to my Grandfather, William Condon. A Father and Grandfather, a Hero and a Best Friend. A beautiful man with a heart of gold, a saviour to my family. You’ll never not be in our hearts, you’ll never be forgotten. 14/02/1930 – 26/12/2016.”

As someone who just recently lost his own grandfather, this track hits me damned hard. Check out ‘One For You‘ in full below.

Aburden’s second EP, ‘The Last Goodbye’, arrives October 12th via Greyscale Records. Find the track-listing below:

1. My Best Friend
2. Sorry.
3. Don’t Say
4. One For You
5. Need You
6. 19
7. To The Sky

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